Year 1 Day 21: Slow Going Saturday

I did not get to sleep until just before 2AM. I was late getting the blog done, and so I was up late. I was happy to get going at 9:15ish this morning.

I just spent the morning putting around the house, not doing anything interesting; a good Saturday.

Evan wanted to play some games or at least look for places to play. I was thinking of Portland or Beaverton. Evan came to the house, and we headed out for lunch. We did Wasabi for sushi; I think Wasabi is one of the best sushi places in the immediate Beaverton area. I always sit in the bar as it has bright windows, and the service is always better from a bartender, in my experience. The bartender did splash a bit of beer on our table and even hit my shirt when he set it down as he was buried in customers. He is usually better.

Evan and I shared a medium sushi platter and added one more Lightning roll. As usual, it was perfect. For me, sushi is more an experience than a meal. I never had this kind of food until even after college. I had my first experience in Oregon, and it still all feels exotic to me. I try to keep it always special and never just-food.

Evan and I then went to find The 649 Tap House. This was reportedly game-friendly and local. We entered, and the gleaming but just slightly distressed tables and walls seemed to say hipster. The bartender was making their Multnomah Mule and was burning a sprig of rosemary set in the drink–screaming hipster now. We did not have a reservation (we were surprised that we would have one) so we could have one of two tables inside. Food and drinks are just ordered from the bar. Games are allowed.

In The 649, the lights are the Edison-styled filament naked bulbs on long cords hanging from the ceiling. Gaming at night would likely require a flashlight! The windows are large, and the place is bright in the day. There is food to order, and it might be good.

I ordered a beer, as did Evan, my second. We just had the beer as I had to go shopping and get dinner going.

Evan borrowed the shower while I went shopping. I picked up various items and many snacks for Susie. Trying to keep things happy and less stressed during the hopeful ramp down of Covid-19 here in Oregon.

BTW: My good friends Mrs. and Mr. Smith are getting their first shots next week! Dondrea had her’s today along with other friends at church.

I did forget the Diet Coke and yogurt. I will try to grab some soon.

I returned, and Evan helped me unload. Evan had terrible allergies, and his eyes looked terrible. So I got him some aspirin to bring down the inflation and Benadryl to take home. We agreed it was a night to watch the Blazer game, and I ordered pizza.

I was going to make dinner, but I was terribly dizzy. The beer and the rice were a bad combination that I should have remembered. I ordered pizza delivered from Round Table, and after eating, the massive sugar crash was solved. I will try to remember to stick to tea next time and beer with food, always. I am not sure an all meat pizza is the best medical treatment, but it works and is excellent.

I do not want to faint from eating rice and cause Susie a horrible panic. I fainted from one of my inhalants once; I was dehydrated from the Sultan’s Revenge from a biz trip to Instanbul, and the panic and the three months of tests to prove I did not have a heart issue was a clear lesson on being more careful. There are a lot of medical tests available, and I am not interested in experiencing them.

The Blazer game was a blow-out, with Portland winning by more than forty points!

The Easter Bunny managed to remember Susie and Corwin, and chocolate bunnies are waiting for them. The Easter Bunny got Michael cheese and meats for a snack before Easter dinner–no sugar for Michael!

I will also go light on the mashed potatoes tomorrow! Salad for me. No more crashes, please.

I have returned to history for reading on my Kindle. I am now trying one of my fav history writer’s newest book–a history of the East Indian Company: The Anarchy: The East India Company, Corporate Violence, and the Pillage of an Empire. I have read a few books by William Dalrymple on India to better understand the country. I wanted to learn more, and I pledged for The John Company board game, which is based on the East India Company in India. 

28,479 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely go up as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts posted.

807 people died from the virus today in the USA.

Today seemed a good day for Up From The Grave He Arose. It is one of the silliest Easter songs, I think, but it is so fun to sing. Here is a fun version from India.

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