Year 1 Day 22: Easter 2021 lockdown

We had Easter dinner today with Mariah, Susie, Corwin, and myself. Corwin and Susie both found chocolate bunnies from the Easter Bunny. Mariah got a Covid-19 shot appointment from the Bunny. We then watched the it-is-so-bad-it-good Godzilla vs. Kong on cable; I have HBOMax (and Disney+ and Prime). I was going to watch the new Disney animated movie, but it was an additional $30 to watch it once, and we all decided that was excessive and went with the monster movie.

The movie was terrible. It is so bad it is fun to watch as the movie characters are well-acted, and the lines they have to get out are not terrible. The special effects were fun to watch. I discussed with everyone that if you see light blue to white techno stuff, that means it is some power that works and will not be explained. I am noticing this in a lot of movies and even board game art. The unexplained Tesla-power in the board game Scythe is an electric blue in the art, and I painted it into the figures.

The day started with me getting going about 8ish and finding Corwin up already and making coffee. I got the ham out, unwrapped it, and let it sit out for an hour to make sure it was thawed. This is a Schwann’s ham, the same as Christmas, and my Scwann’s driver Stephane, was happy to sell me yet another ham on Tuesday, and I let it sit in the frig to defrost all week.

I got Wholefood purchased premade raw frozen chocolate croissants and set them to defrost for 30 minutes before making them for about 15 minutes. They were heavenly.

I had a bad sugar crash, and thus the Easter Bunny left me a charcuterie board for breakfast. I had to cut up the meat, and the cheese was already cubed, but it was nice to have something different than American breakfast food. Nobody was up, or hungry meaning the Easter Bunny, and I just enjoyed it.

I avoid any housework or any useful actions by finishing the second 2/3 of the Captain Marvel movie. It is one of the movies I like enough in the series to rewatch.

I cleaned up and then started in the kitchen. I was able to put away things that seemed to have just cluttered my counters. I spent an hour putting the kitchen back to how I remembered it before everything locked down. Too many things were just on the counter for no reason. It is better now.

I then started on for dinner to be ready at about 2ish. I boiled potatoes in their skins to make mashed potatoes. I peeled and sliced carrots into coins to make steamed carrots. I had them in a pan with a strainer to keep them out of the water. I added cloves and pineapple rings to the sides of the spiral cut ham.

By 2:15ish, dinner was ready. The ham was reheated and, while not glazed, looked good. I mashed. The carrots were ready. I also made a salad with iceberg lettuce. Everyone sat with plates in their laps and watched TV together while watching Godzilla and King Kong fight it out.

After the movie, Mariah headed out, and Susie and I watched for fun the short movie A Bug’s Life. It was fun, and I needed a bit more time before I start on auto-pilot to get ready for Monday.

I am painting figures for Richard, and I washed the first set of matching figures.

22,084 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely grow as much as 50% when the additional counts are added in. It takes 72 hours to get all the counts in.

Deaths from Convid-19 have fallen to two-hundred seventy today in the USA. The infection rate is also falling.

I went with Sing with All the Saints in Glory, a reworking of Ode to Joy by Beethoven.

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