Year 1 Day 23: Monday status, caregiving, and medical bills

I was going about 6:15ish this morning. Corwin was up, and there was coffee made. I worked through the email and text from late Friday through Monday early. Remember, many of the folks are now based in India, so I get emails at all times. The world is flat.

I had non-top Zoom status meetings. I did manage to break off and get cleaned up and dressed. Susie had Zerida today a bit early, 8:30ish, for hair, nails, toes, and so on. Her driver was on time, and Susie was ready and even had coffee in a to-go cup.

Work at the shoe company continued with what seemed like endless Zoom meetings. One of the meetings was on the reversal of the conversion plan of the last four years, and that one was a bit interesting. I had a lot to say at that one. We need to rethink the sequencing, details I will not bore you with, and I can’t really share.

Lunch was taking Air Volvo to Popeye’s and getting a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Corwin was up, so we sat together listening to the radio with the windows down, eating our sandwiches. We got home just as Susie got there. She had her fav of McDonald’s Happy Meal Six-Piece McNuggets with apples.

I then got back to Zooming for Nike. I had a few more meetings about status and planning, and I could not do any multi-tasking as my name and my projects came up in each meeting today. Yes, things are heating up.

I also put in for Covid-19 time off for my shot on Friday. Susie has her on Saturday. I also took off next week. I have Covid shots, a doctor’s appointment, and I have to drive early to ODOT to renew my driver’s license. I have an appointment I scheduled two months ago! I am old enough that I have to have an eye exam. My birthday is Friday, and I would not wish to work my birthday, so I took the whole week.

I finished the day and went out to get the mail, and there was a medical bill, over $20,000. This is just painful. I called the insurance company to have them explain it, and it appears they have not put in some update that Susie has no extra insurance, meaning they refused the claim. It was for Susie’s stoke. The insurance, United Health Care, updated their records again, and maybe the fourth time, we have no other insurance health care coverage for strokes. This should go away.

Susie then had some issues that required caregiving. She is alright. I just had to do some unplanned housework. It was about 45+ minutes of work.

I then made dinner. I breaded some chicken breasts, split, defrosted, from Schwann’s and fried them in a pan with very little oil. I finished them in the oven to avoid burning them on the stove. I also cooked Schwann’s Fire Roasted veggies on a cookie sheet. Lastly, I added a slice of Easter ham and swiss cheese to the chicken. It was OK. More cheese next time!

I primed some figures I am doing for Richard. I have washed the next faction.

It was a busy day. Allergies are hard. I am just getting ‘r done.

14,314 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number will likely increase.

Four hundred fifteen people died today in the USA from the infection.

It is a wonderful day here on Easter Monday. I had to go with Morning Has Broken.

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