Year 1 Day 24: The End In Sight

Lockdown may end in a few months. The infection rate is still too high in Oregon to unlock, but California is now planning to end lockdown on June 15th and just have masks and social distancing remaining.

Gov. Brown here in Oregon agreed to open up vaccinations to everyone above 16 on 19April2021.

Tuesday morning is always a rush. Instead of a meeting on data conversion software, my first meeting is a three-hour training course on administering Nike’s new setup for GitHub. The course is put on by GitHub staff, so not something to miss. The class has another three hours tomorrow morning. The class started at 7ish and filled the whole three hours. I have to admit I did a little multi-tasking when things bogged down into discussions on how other teams handle audits and separation of duties. It was a great class, and I have learned about GitHub Actions which allows automation inside GitHub.

I then returned to mostly status meetings and some alignment meetings—more Zooming at the shoe company. I had a short break at 11 and ordered lunch which I ate while meetings ran through my lunch hours. I also did not get a walk; meetings were booked over my walking time. So crazy non-stop Zooming on the status and also agreeing to the various solutions.

Lunch was Mexican from GrubHub, Don Chilitos Mexican Grill. Before that, Corwin was up and made breakfast. I had some of his baked eggs. Very good.

The afternoon was filled with more status meetings. I could not multitask during the meetings as I had to follow along in case of questions. I got a few.

I was tired and went and rested for a bit. I also started defrosting the stew beef for dinner. I then slipped out to Safeway and got some items I missed last time grocery shopping and to help make stew tonight.

The store was immaculate. The one-way direction signs were no longer on there. I would have to do long circles before following directions. Now I can just need a mask on; everyone had one on, and it was worn properly. Social distancing was maintained. My check-out guy today was Aws, a kind man from Iraq. We are always happy to see each other.

Corwin roasted potatoes and carrots while I was out. He sliced up some onions and cooked them with garlic for me. I added the meat to that, and we let that cook. Once the liquid was mostly gone, I added half a can of tomato paste and stirred all of that to make sure it would brown but not burn. I added a cup or so of wine to dissolve the cooked bits. I then added three heaping tablespoons of Hungarian sweet paprika and 1/2 a tablespoon of ground caraway seeds. I added in a teaspoon of sugar and stirred this together. You need salt, more than I used, maybe two tablespoons, but be careful with that. Heat that and stir until fragrant. Add a box of beef broth. Get to a boil. Turn down and let it gently bubble and simmer for 45 mins. I later added the fully cooked roasted veggies and some corn starch in cold water to thicken.

While I was cooking, I watched Nike email and painted Richard’s figures. I got the main colors painted on the first set of figures. I have primed the next faction and will wash another six figures tonight. These are larger figures; I use larger brushes, so it won’t take forever. I am trying to follow the colors from the game; the figures have a main color shade; in this case, it is reds.

I am hoping to get some more figure painting done tonight. I can’t decide to finish one and then repeat it on mass or just do one color at a time for all. I think I will continue with one color for all of them as it will accelerate at the end.

There were no caregiving moments today; Susie is better today.

21,170 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number will likely improve as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts into the total.

Nine hundred six people died today in the USA from Covid-19.

I picked The Lord Bless You and Keep You. It is just after Easter, and with the news that the end is in sight, it seemed good for a blessing song for all of us.

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