Year 1 Day 25: Working Wednesday

Tonight I made dinner a bit early. Susie was looking for dinner early, and so I made it a bit early. Susie took a nap and just got dinner at 8ish at night. So much for my plan. I will first write this and then paint some figures tonight.

The morning started at 6ish and another day of Zoom class on administering GitHub organizations for the enterprise version. The class went on for three hours. I learned a few more items and discovered how little I know about merging software using the git process. We don’t use it for our stuff as it is generated. It was a worthy class. I did slip in a bit of multi-tasking for the shoe company when the more obscure features were explained.

The rest of the morning was status meetings and me looking at vendor patches (OSS notes for those who talk SAP). Another set of possible fixes appear to be needed.

I slipped in a short twenty-minute short walk. The first time this week. My breathing was a bit heard, showing that I am slipping a bit. More walking! Use-it-or-lose-it!

I reheated the beef stew I made yesterday. I had some canned peaches to go with that. A piece of buttered bread is always great with stew. It was a quick and nice lunch.

Next, more vendor patch discussions and a few crises of the moment kept me busy for a while. I finally took a break and then checked in a few more times. I then made an early dinner and watched the first half of The Phantom Menace. The worst, in my opinion, Star Wars movie. Disney+ version was the slightly reworked version, and it seemed to work better. I could only watch the first half in a sitting. I will find some time for the other half later.

I am tired today, and tomorrow is my last working day for a while. I finally took off a week plus a day. I was off for a month as a full-time caregiver for Susie after her stroke. I had a few days off around Christmas, but this is the first break since the 2020 lockdown.

I have my next Covid-19 shot on Friday; I can’t play games with Richard this Friday.

Casey is thinking of playing board games in a few weeks out when he is on break. We are both vaccinated, and I expect it will be safe.

24,097 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely be increased as they collect more data.

Eight hundred ninety-seven people died of the infection today in the USA.

I went with the same version used before for The Lord of the Dance. It is a good song for after Easter and another (!?) sunny day in Oregon.

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