Year 1 Day 26: Finish Thursday

I am still working late this night because we have problems with some data conversion and performance issues. I have been involved in the tuning of jobs on SAP systems for years. I am monitoring a test run.

This morning started at 6, but I saw that I had no meetings until 8, so I went and rested for a bit longer. I then read and replied to email and thought about a few of the items that needed to be discussed today. I had coffee, a banana, and some coffee cake for breakfast. I then slipped out for a few minutes to shower and get dressed.

I was back at hours and hours of Zooming for Nike IT. I had status and alignment meetings until lunch. Lunch was Burger King and getting a Happy Meal for Susie with apples.

I continued with work and then was asked to work on a performance issue with the technical teams. I spent all the afternoon and early evening working on the issue. I applied 15+ vendor patches (OSS notes to you that speak SAP) and got them approved to move to the testing system. We were then testing and until about now at 9ish at night. Dinner was a grilled cheese for Susie and cheese and crackers for me with some smoked meats leftover from the Easter Bunny.

Today was also Theology Pub, and we talked about America without God. We talked about how church-going and organized religion is fading in America. Many of us concluded that the main issue is churches’ attempt to be everything to everyone while trying to focus on social awareness. Worship needs to be the focus and must be done well instead of being a lesser focus.

We talked about flying flags today in our church meeting. My flag was torn up by a storm, and I had not replaced it yet. I ordered a replacement today. I usually have the USA flag on the house, even as a liberal.

I am tired and will stop as I am making mistakes.

I am on PTO for a week and this Friday for my Covid-19 vaccine second shot.

27,783 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely be updated higher.

1,009 died in the USA today.

I went with America the Beautiful today. It was another lovely sunny (!?) day in Oregon today.

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