Year 1 Day 27: Covid-19 #2 Friday

I took off Friday as I have a Covid-19 shot number 2 at noonish.

I slept in as I wanted to be a bit rested before I joined the Great Experiment. Do not misunderstand; I always want the next vaccination. I just know that this one, Moderna, is very fresh and very fresh science. I am sure it is safe and effective, but that does not mean it is not a new human experience.

I managed to sleep until 7ish, and then I signed into work and put on my out-of-office for the shoe company. My calendar is already blocked, I have a non-blocking meeting with my co-workers that is that I am on PTO (that way they see that I am out on their calendars), I have approved PTO scheduled in the PTO tracking tool for WHQ based employees, and I told everyone at the last meetings I was out. I imagine that there are a few people still wondering why I am not giving status in their meetings today despite my efforts.

I celebrated not going to work; I went back to bed and slept until 9ish. I did get to listen to the Friday trash and recycling pick-ups. I got some coffee made and had a banana. My new meds can upset my stomach and this morning was a bit rougher. I forgot to take them before the first coffee. I was well reminded and managed to keep my breakfast down. Not an auspicious start to my day.

I started to look at replacement laptops for my mac, 2014 13″ Mac Pro. I had to replace the hard drive last year, and I put a very nice super-fast solid-state 2TD replacement in it. But it is time to move to more cores, and the failure has been worrying me. I did not notice that it is almost 7 years old. I have never had a laptop last so long and still be usable. This one is running Big Sur! It is still swift; the super new hard drive helps.

Time to drive to Nike WHQ LA Garage for a drive-through Covid-2 #2 shot. I detour to the carwash. The crows have celebrated all over my car. Air Volvo was all shiny for the next trip.

I saw a couple of my co-workers helping. Marc Hopkins and I joked in a meeting that he would collect $20; I got out an Andrew Jackson for him–he just smiled. The paperwork process was different this time and simpler. I was done in less than twenty minutes.

I got drive-thru at Taco Bell and ate it listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). I got home and took 500mg Tylenol.

I decided to continue on with Richard’s figures and finish the first faction’s general painting. I have to touch up and fix them and then detail them, but the basic look is done. I also started on the next faction, which is mostly metal and gold colors. I got out bigger brushes now.

I felt better, so I made dinner—baked chicken (skinless thighs) with salt and Herbs de Provance. I made green beans (from Schwann’s) by microwaving and then cooking in a frying pan with butter, salt, and almond slivers. I found some dinner roles, frozen and from Schwann’s, and baked them. A bit plain but still a nice dinner.

I started to feel the flu symptoms starting a bit. My arm hurts. More Tylenol. Sorry if I left some typos…time to rest soon. Typing faster.

I am also painting a druid figure for Zophia, Dondrea’s girl, as she plays Dungeons and Dragons. I found this figure and thought it a close match to a slightly older Zophia as a druid.

I can feel the need to return to reading and resting.

BTW: I did order a new Mac computer. I went for 13″ again with a solid-state drive and extra memory. I selected the M1 super chip version. It will be here in a few weeks. It will be my fourth Mac and again 13″. I like small. I always transfer the contents of one Mac to the next. So, in fact, it is always the same one.

33,411 people were vaccinated yesterday, including Mariah, in Oregon. This number may be increased as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts posted. Many co-workers at Nike had shots today. Oregon opens to everyone over 16 on 19April2021.

Nine hundred twenty-nine died today from the infection. The infection rate is again increasing, and the death rate appears to no longer headed down.

I went with Lift Every Voice and Sing, the NFL version.

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