Year 1 Day 28: Saturday with Pain

The Covid-19 Moderna shot made getting going this morning hard. My hip and knee feel like I walked miles and miles. I am also drained. I am cold all the time.

Despite all the pain and discomfort, Susie got going in time for me to drive her to Nike WHQ LA Garage for her shot. We had no events and managed to complete the process, drive-through, in about 45 minutes.

We got home, and I rested a bit. The pain was worse from sitting in the car. We got back into Air Volvo with Corwin this time and had Mexican dinner. I had a middle-sized Margarita on the rocks with salt along with dinner. This reduced the pain. Susie had a small one.

We returned home. I forgot I had a call with Knowledge Mavins–I just had too much to worry about. Susie took a long nap, and I watch the last of the Star Wars movie on Diskey+, The Phantom Menance. The ending is better.

I then had chills and had the dreams of someone ill, waking dreams. I got much worse, and I could not get warm. I was shaking for a bit. I fell asleep again, but with waking dreams. When I could not sleep, I would read an old fav I left for today: The Adept by Fritz Leiber. It is a long story and is highly recommended if you like Swords and Sorcery.

Corwin saw me wincing from walking and have to lean on a chair and instead made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner for me.

I then sat and watched the next Star Wars movie, The Attack of the Clones. This is the worsted acted of the movies. I detest the terrible acting and directing, and writing, but the storyline works for me. I really like the cloners and Count Dokus, who can’t love Sir Lee being bad again!

I did not do any painting as I was unsure having my legs bent for hours was a good idea. I will hope to return to them on Sunday morning.

So a quiet night. Susie has had only light side effects.

30,069 people, including me, were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. This number may be increased as it takes a while to get all the counts in. April 8th was revised up to a record 46,343 vaccinations! Our best day for Oregon.

Infection rates are increasing in Oregon as bars are open, and schools have restarted. Some counties will likely reconsider and will lockdown again. Our county, Washington, is not increasing.

One I can sing, Here I Am Lord, was a good fit for today.

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