Year 1 Day 29: Sunday Better

I managed to get going 9ish this morning, and the joint pain was just reduced to some pain in my left side. I damaged that leg years ago, and I may have strained it when the right side was not working right. I am not tired or having chills, so it looks like the side effects of Moderna are done.

I still started the morning by finished the last Star Wars movie in the series, my fav of the three, Revenge of the Sith. The bad guys get all the best lines in this one. The movie’s first crash scene is so fun and perfect at an IMAX screen if you ever get the chance.

Susie was up early and had Eggo waffles with peanut butter. I warmed up some ham in the oven and had 1/2 can of peaches with it.

I also reimaged a Mac I have had in a closet for years. I could not use it as it was not powerful enough and had too small of a hard drive. I spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon remember how to rebuild a Mac. I finally got it all to work. Mariah is taking the Mac, and I hope she can find it useful.

I then went back to figure painting and started more on the next faction and primed the next faction’s figures. I will only do three at once as I can get them back to Richard to start playing the game while I paint the rest.

I am also painting a druid for Dondra’s daughter Zophia, and it is getting further along. I will also get back to the Scythe figures I am painting too.

I also have a speaker project I want to work on. And then there are those Raspberry Pi Projects I was working on…So many good things to do!

I put up the USA flag again. It looks nice to have one back.

I had a few caregiving moments today as Susie was a bit confused today. She fell, more like suddenly sat on the floor while putting away laundry that she suddenly decided need to get done. We got through all of it, and Susie was not hurt.

Despite the confusion, we, Susie, Corwin, and I, met Mariah at The Rock pizza. Susie was having trouble getting in and out of the car and walking. But I figure it was better to have her try and succeed than to skip it. It all worked out, and Susie ate 1/2 her pizza and 1/2 her diet Coke (no drinks for her tonight). Mariah got her new (well, newish) Mac. I had a meatball sub and a beer.

While still a bit confused, we came home, and Susie is now watching TV and seems OK.

Not a perfect day, but we will take it! I am on paid time off (PTO) all next week. I have to show for a meeting at 8:30 and do my timesheet in the morning, but I hope to be free for a week after that. It is my first non-caregiving week-long break since returning from Amsterdam in 2019.

22,729 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon, including Susie. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to collect and post all the counts. Oregon has completely vaccinated 21% of the state, and 1/3 of the state has had at least one vaccination.

276 people died today from Covid-19 in the USA. It was announced today that the US government is also paying to help pay for the burial costs of people who died from Covid-19.

I picked this when it showed in my selections for YouTube: Laudate Dominum.


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