Year 1 Day 30: Monday PTO sort-of

I managed to sleep to 7:15ish this morning and then was up making coffee and signing back to work on my day off. I checked my out-of-office was still working and then did my last week’s timesheet. After that, I noticed that my one meeting at 8:30 was now at 9:30. So I just read the email and made coffee, and waited a bit.

I had my meeting, with no video, at 9:30, still drinking coffee and going slow. We align on actions to take, and then I was free. This is a critical issue for scheduling resources and is going old school. We all hoped for something more modern, but we are headed to using a solution older than some developers!

I watch the next Star Wars movie for the first half, The Force Awakens. I decided to do all of them.

I then went back to painting and started the never-ending; at least, it feels like when you do it, touch-up and fine detail painting. These larger figures seem to go on forever. I managed to finish three of the first faction during the day and will do more tonight. I hope to finish the first faction today.

Nobody was ready, so I went to the Reedville Cafe and had poached eggs over hash for lunch. Yes, breakfast for lunch. I had reheated the stew I made a few days ago for breakfast. I figure I would just switch lunch and breakfast; it is my day off.

I am also reading Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta services. More space opera. I like this one better than the previous one, and I always enjoy Elizabeth Moon’s books. Recommended Space Opera, and there is a new Vatta story coming out!

I also recovered my Indiana Jones hat again. I had left it at The Rock Pizza yesterday. The N95 masks I have now require you to put the mask over your head. Thus, I took off my hat and forgot it. The manager had it for me, and I drove over in the perfect weather and got the hat. I was wearing my pith helmet today.

BTW: The pith helmet is #2, and the Indiana Jones hat is number four or five. I just buy the same hat when I finally lose one. The new Mac will upgrade the same files from my previous mac. I think it is number four or five.

Tonight, being Monday, was Dungeons and Dragons on Roll20. My laptop is stressed by all the browser windows opened to play. An extra monitor only makes it worse. I had to start over three times. I am looking forward to the new laptop as the M1 Apple is known to handle browser loads better. 

Despite the challenges, we did have a good time, and I damaged some of the adventurers playing all the bad guys and Dungeon Master and host of the game. I scared them a bit. The two hours just went by fast—the usual super powerful undead brought on the hurt for a bit. Details are spoilers, but I can tell you that the players are very organized now and take looking for undead, demons, devils, and traps with more seriousness. Healing is also checked, and protection spells in place.

Dinner was Happy Panda delivered food. It was one of Susie’s fav, Chicken with Cashews. I had the silly sweet but somehow workable tonight Sweet and Sour Pork and Orange Chicken. I had to run Roll20; I ordered out.

17,823 people were vaccinated in Oregon yesterday. Hopefully, these numbers will go up as more data is collected over the next 72 hours.

460 people died from the virus today.

I thought I found a new version of Rock of Ages, but this is Kaza Mwendo sung by the Rock of Ages choir. Still good! I am still looking for a translation.

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