Year 1 Day 31: Tuesday Quiet

I started the morning at about 7:30ish and did not dress until 11:30 this morning. Susie had her driver picking her up at 9 to take her to Zerida for hair, nails, toes, and so on. I got Susie rallying at 8ish, and she was ready and off without incident.

I spent the morning not doing very much and reading more Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War books. I could not put the last one done and finished it about 1AM last night. I read the next one, I read it years ago, and I still like it. More characters are entering the story who were in the background before. It is hard to put down.

Nobody joined me for lunch, so I decided to try a sit-down lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse. I sat at a small table in the bar with my Mac. I had not been back in the bar since 2019! I ordered my fav red ale and peanut chicken soba noodles.

Soccer was on the screen—the USA Women’s team against France. I watched two goals! Rapinoe and Morgan got a goal each, both heroes of the Olympics. Suddenly, it felt like the world was back. I was watching amazing USA soccer in a bar! I nearly cried… I was so happy. France scored no goals.

I picked up a full rack of ribs to go. Susie and Corwin split that for dinner tonight. I used to visit BJ’s on Saturday and watch soccer and get a to-go order of ribs.

Everyone had lunch when I got back. Corwin was making baked eggs with ham, and Susie had her fav of McDonald’s Happy Meal with apples.

I went back to reading and then, when I hit my face with the Kindle, decided to take a nap. I was back up in an hour or so.

Schwann’s Stephanie showed today, and I restock the freezer. Also, my lawn service is on Tuesday. I appreciate the new look, but then my allergies are out of control, which could not have helped!

I ordered a nice leather Samsomsite bag with the gift card from Leta, Susie’s mother, sent me for my birthday this Friday. I always wanted a nice leather bag for my laptop and books. Thanks, Leta!

I was reading the next story in the series in Vatta’s War. I find them hard to put down.

I reheated the Chinese Food from yesterday while Susie and Corwin had ribs. I asked for just one to try. Corwin sent me the official recipe for their sauce.

19,831 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number may increase as the counts are revised upward.

819 people died from the virus in the USA today.

There is an amazing crescent moon tonight here in Oregon. Just a sliver of a moon. It is Ramadan. So we will do the call to prayer for tonight for our Islamic friends waiting for sunset each night.

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