Year 1 Day 36: Last Sunday of Break

Today is my last day off of the ten days I took off. I had a Covid-19 shot, a doctor’s appointment (my blood pressure and sugar are normal!), DMV to reach the required legality while driving, and then a few days with no plans. So not exactly a vacation, but more of a staycation with a few follow-ups.

I managed to sleep until 8:30ish this morning. I decided to nothing productive this morning and had some fruit for breakfast. I found coffee leftover from last night, so I debated whether making more coffee would violate my initial decision to do nothing. I relented and made more.

I watched the end of The Rise of Skywalker this morning. I am still happy with this movie. Of course, if I was the evil Sith Lord, I would have put some of the superweapons on another planet. I would also have lots of relays so my superweapons would not be trapped on the surface. And I would have 1/2 of them leave early. Lastly, I would have an escape plan. But, lucky for the Star Wars universe, the Sith have not hired me. I enjoyed the movie and must admit I cheered both sides; some would call that unnatural.

After that, I got dressed; Mariah suggested lunch via text, and nobody was ready, so I got going. I also finished two of the factions I am painting for Richard before heading out. This is for the board game Anachrony. I have never played it, but I believe I am missing out. Maybe sometime this summer…

Mariah and I talked at lunch about a driving trip with Susie we are thinking about in October when I am on my 25th Year sabbatical at Nike. I just learned about the lost city of the North American Indians, Cahokia, and wondered if we can drive that far east. This would mean driving straight to Denver and then to St. Louis and not head North. But this site looks so amazing and so Lara Croft I might have to go. I think I can already hear a Howard story starting.

I headed home by way of getting gas and a McDonald’s Happy Meal (with apples) for Susie. I am always amazed when I pull into the gas station and all the computers controlling the station fail. I waited five minutes, and they restarted. Oddly, they only filled 3/4 of my tank–but I decided best to escape. At McDonald’s, I asked, “Can you check there are apples.” I then watched them take apart two different Happy Meals and stuff most of the stuff in another and hand it to me with assurances that it was good. Then they handed me the missed sauce. I resisted eye-rolling.

I pushed my bad luck and drove Air Volvo to the car wash. The crows are again turning my car into a Jackson Pollock. I do not like riding the automated car wash with only a few feet between cars. They were packed, and the autos were too close for me. I drove by and will try again this week.

Susie was happy but asked me why there are two toys in this meal. I just smiled and said nothing. There were apples and six McNuggets, so all was good, and I received praise as a loving husband.

I rested for a bit and then remembered I have new CyberPunk figures at the local game store. Another excuse to drive Air Volvo in the wonderful sunny 84+ day! Corwin went with me, and I also bought the book for the new version of CyberPunk, now called 2077 or Red. This is the tabletop traditional role-playing game (RPG) and not the killer video game that hit the market just after the big surge in the pandemic. The figures are 32mm, not my usual 28mm, but we can make them work. I am not sure when or even if I will play this game, but it appeals to me.

Back to the house. I then rested and read some more—next dinner. I ordered for pick-up, another excuse to drive Air Volvo, from Olive Garden. I love the salad. I drove there and called Dan Gray to chat. He asked me if I could get a Salad for his family. I got one and was happy to see Dan again in Beaverton. He got the salad, and his family was happy. I returned home with dinner.

The Sun finally went down on my last day off while I was writing this blog eating dinner.

20,973 people were vaccinated yesterday. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to get all the counts posted. Oregon will soon be just under 50% vaccinated, as 500,000+ people are waiting for the second dose.

310 people died in the USA today from Covid-19.

The Great Commission in Russian seemed to be a good one for today.

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