Year 1 Day 37: Back to work Monday

Moving first to the most interesting part of the day, my new Apple Laptop was delivered today. I was able to slip away from work and start the transfer. I was hoping to use Time Capsule to restore, but the new system did not recognize the backup drive. I then just did WIFI-to-WIFI transfer using the Mac tools, Migration Assistant. This took only about three hours, and I then had my new Mac running. I contacted David Smith as he uses Macs a lot in his business. Something was slow. The developer tools were failing, and Python was not loading at all. I finally rebooted the Apple using the power-off.


My new mac is working fine and fast now. The restore should have done a reboot, but I suspected it did not. That was likely the issue; the system was unstable.

I am quite happy now. The Mac handles Roll20 online; Monday is my Dungeons and Dragons game on Roll20, better than my old Mac. Actually, it was running fast, and the screens moved a bit too fast a few times.

The screens for WordPress are also working smoother. I suspect the Javascript underlying the screens can use the 8 core to keep the screens going.

We have five players and me on Roll20 with live video, sound, and a screen full of well Dungeons and Dragon. It was a good test, and I had no problems that could be resource bottlenecks.

Returning to the start of the day, I was up at 6ish and started on backlogs of messages and emails. I found a couple from Friday that I needed to reply to. I managed to read or clear everything on Wednesday. If I have more time free on Tuesday, often full of endless status meetings, I will try to clear more.

I was able to help with a few issues, but most of the day was listening to see how I can help.

I reheated my leftover pasta from Olive Garden yesterday for lunch. Susie picked up a Happy Meal with apples on her way back from her spa day with Zeriada.

The pollen is crushing me today with the return to work and also running Roll20 tonight. It is a lot of stuff. I am tired.

I think we will keep this short.

17,649 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to collect all the counts and post them.

488 people died in the USA from Covid-19 today.

I went with We Will Understand It Better By and By. This is a version I like.

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