Year 1 Day 39: Wednesday With Insurance

The morning started at 6ish, but I got up and saw I had no meetings until 8ish, so I rested some more and woke with a start at 7:15ish. I then got up and read emails and slack messages until 7:30ish and then showered and dressed for the first status meeting at 8 this morning.

Six hours of on and off Zoom meetings, some short and some running over are a lot of online meetings for anyone. Most I have the camera on and have to listen with some care as I have multiple teams impacted by various issues. It made the day strange as I was mostly listening and then trying to read email and slack requests between meetings or falling behind when meetings went over into another meeting. I had to step out once for a bio-break!

Cowin got an appointment for a Covid-19 shot today:

Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians COVID-19 Vaccine Event – Moderna
Chinook Winds Casino

We will likely get a room and enjoy a Friday there. We think this is the one on the coast. Yes, we got a parking garage at Nike. Corwin gets a Casino! It is not fair!

I ordered lunch from Biryani Corner using GrubHub. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I did not want to make my own lunch today after five hours of non-stop meetings. I missed my stress-reducing walk now for three days as the meetings are running over my short out-of-office meeting that says “Do Not Book Over.” But it was booked over anyway. The Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan is not as nice as what I make, but it still was good today.

I decided to take a break for lunch; I shut the Nike laptop instead of reading emails and handling crises of the moment and emergencies of the day for lunch. I put on instead a video of classic Doctor Who. After I had to clear the licensing of my new Mac to watch my Apple TV account. It took a few minutes, but I had that fixed soon.

Later, I had to replace the HP printer software as it too was now not working on a new M1 device–it is fixed now.

I also received my quote for Earthquake Insurance, GeoVera, which was no longer stupidly high. I paid the bill and again have Earthquake protection, full coverage (which means 90% coverage in the strangely untruthful words of insurance). I figured that we had deadly smoke, a 20-year wind storm, murder hornets, and of course, a pandemic. The earthquake must be next.

I stopped the earthquake insurance in the past. After the bankruptcy of so many insurers after the last few “big ones,” I did not believe I would get paid. I also did not like the huge holes in coverage before. Previously, if your house was knocked down by a quake, they would cover the next $100K, but if the foundation sank, then you were getting $0. This policy looks like real coverage at a price that is not insane. I bought it. I may regret this later.

I managed a few episodes of the Baker playing the Doctor and then returned to work. I then listened to another two hours of status meetings with some breaks. I then went and rested a bit. Checking back on my phone. I was not needed anymore.

Mariah stopped by and borrowed our washer and dryer and, while her wash was running, headed to beer and pizza at The Rock Woodfired Pizza. They know us there, and they were happy to serve us. I tried the fish tacos (I was still stuffed by Indian-styled food), but it still was too much food for me–next time, a salad.

At Pizza.

Mariah had a work call and then finished her laundry and headed out. I rested for a few minutes and then got to this blog.

24,407 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. This number will likely increase as they get more counts for yesterday.

876 people died today from Covid-19 in the USA. Washington County, our county in Oregon, locks down partially on Friday, again.

I picked my fav hymn for today: This Is My Song. The music and the words mean much to me. This version was published just before the huge second wave in the USA.

There is also an alternative I love as much: A Tribute to All The Nations.

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