Year 1 Day 40: Rain Please Wash Away The Pollen!

My editing tool went sideways on me…there are a few typos left…but best to just publish before it breaks again….

Another perfect day. The pollen is just impossible. And I could not put down the next Vatta’s War book last night. Sleep came finally after 1:30ish.

And that would be wonderful if I was not back at it at an unfriendly 6:00 this morning. No lollygagging either as we had an All-Employee Meeting at 7AM with John, Nike CEO. The meeting was fun as John had sports folks do most of the hour. I had status meetings all morning with only a break for lunch. Many meetings went over meaning I had to cut them off or be late. I had to speak in many, so no multi-tasking for the meetings. Zooming with Nike all morning!

I managed to do my walk. I thought I was going to cough-to-death even with multiple puffs of the emergency inhaler. This was my short walk. I have managed to reduce the coughing finally with more puffs and going slower. The rains should be back soon.

I had lunch delivered from Gyro House, and there was a note. I write them a note about missing them and wishing them well as special instructions for my lunches all pandemic–usually ordering at least twice a month. They told me on the note to come and see them; Gyro House must have re-opened for in dining. I see a Turkish Coffee in my future!  

I had a few vendor patches to work on, OSS notes if you know SAP. I had a few other crises of the moment to handle. It is all rather mundane, but it gets us further on the project, so I don’t mind a bit of mundane.

I did watch some more old Doctor Who Classic while I had lamb kabobs and shut the Nike laptop for lunch. It is a treat, and with the early hour and the near strangling from a mask and asthma attacks, I enjoyed the show and the food and tried to relax and breathe.

Back to work, I have to admit at one meeting I took my Doctor Fauci bobblehead and waved it over the keyboard–clearly visible to the other on Zoom. Yes, we are doing some first-ever (in the world of this complexity and volumes) data egress using special SAP Data Intelligence (Yes, thet call it that). I thought we would need some special help…Dr. Fauci being the totem of these times. Nobody thought it was that silly. Oh my!

I slipped out once the late lunch status meetings completed. I got Air Volvo washed. The crows will soon likely repaint it in the Jackson Pollack style. The sap and tree stuff with the bird art was just too much for me. It looks better and it is easier to drive now. We know it will rain now that Air Volvo is clean.

I stopped by Safeway and everyone was careful and masked and respectful. I got a pre-cooked chicken for about the price of a raw one (the mystery of chickens I will never understand). Eggs, Milk, deli products, the normal drill.

Back at the house. Susie gets a fav: Beefaroni.

Back to work for me. OSS notes go bang and I send emails out that something is broken. We will have to pick that up later.

I finish up with my weekly status and then read some more trying to get the coughing under control. Missing sleep makes this worse–I slow down more.

Dinner is baked chicken from Safeway, potato salad, apple sauce, and some fresh artisan bread (also from Safeway). Susie has dinner just a bit later.

Susie is asking if I am OK a lot. The coughing is worse than I think.

I have a second shift with India morning coming up. We received a request to lighten the workload for India-based folks. Covid-19 is really hitting them hard. Our hearts go out to them. I will of course try to do what I can. Pray for India!

896 people in the USA today died from Covid-19.

2,256 people are reported to have died today from Covid-19 in India. 332,503 new cases were reported today in India, a record.

Oregon is plowing thru its vaccinations at about 24,000 a day.

For our African friends, Baba Yetu.

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