Year 1 Day 41: Friday with Rain

I got an email at 3ish on Friday morning that the patch, OSS note for those who know SAP, had broken something. So I saw that at 6AM and logged on and started fixing it and applying, you can guess, more patches to fix the patch. The vendor, an SAP partner, had not put the proper predecessors on their notes. Three hours later, I got rid of the Syntax issue and found another fix for more issues. I was asked to not fix this until they had looked some more.

I slipped out from coding and applying fixes to shower and get dressed. Thusly, I was all clean and shiny for the first of two hours of status meetings. I was still fixing a few items and approving a few fixes as I was not needed for much of the status meetings.

I rested instead of walking in the pollen-infested air. The rains are returning tonight, so walks will be in the rain–Pacific Northwest style.

Lunchtime came; I had a chocolate-filled pastry I made yesterday with a banana for breakfast. I made grilled ham and swiss for Susie and me.

I finished The Deadly Assassin from Classic Doctor Who with the legendary Tom Baker. Once in a while, I listen to a voice-only new adventure with the 4th Doctor. Tom Baker has returned to the role for voice versions with his companions on Big Finish Productions.

One move meeting this week. I helped explain the source of currency rates at Nike and how we implement them now and shortly in new versions of SAP. Our analytics developing folks wanted to literally know how the money works at Nike. We told them where to get the official rates for currency conversion and whom to ask from the business and IT side if they need more help.

I took a break and read some more. Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War series is just fun. I was not expecting her to go with a running joke and create a Planet Cascadia that seems like the PNW in space! It is hard to put down. I am on book four!

I went out and purchased pizza from Papa Murphy’s. This is a PNW chain of take-home-and-bake raw pizzas. They have salads too. I was shocked to find it packed with masking-wearing people. I waited another 15 minutes more for my two pizzas and salad as they were behind. I waited outside. Folks seemed to reduce social distancing while in line for their pizza in the store. When I was briefly in the storefront, I asked them for my pizza politely and thanked them. My pizza moved up on the list. It is always good to be polite and friendly in the PNW. My standing outside and watching through the window glass also made them happy. They waved me in, and I passed all the now too close people to get my pizza.

I slightly over-baked one, but it was good. Pizza and salad are my favs.

The furnace/AC controls reminded me to replace the filter. I did that. I had trouble getting the super filter out of the space. I replaced the expensive filter with a more plain filter for the summer that goes in easier. I will pick up a new super filter this summer. The filter was gray with pollen and dust.

Not an exciting Friday, but just busy.

India reported another 345,157 infections today. A record. Pray for India!

30,342 people were vaccinated yesterday in Oregon. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was re-approved for use in the USA today. The numbers for Oregon will likely increase as it takes 72 hours to get the final counts.

790 people died today in the USA from the in Convid-19.

Down to the River seemed like a good choice today.

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