Year Day 43: Sunday with a few games

My sleep was disturbed by something. I awoke with all the classic heart racing and fear. I could not recall a dream nor any reason for the sudden awakening. I fell back to sleep after a few moments and did not truly reawake until after 9ish. Way late for me.

Later I found a kindle and book I had under my pillow on the floor by the bed. I suspect the crash of them hitting the carpet was what woke me.

I started slowly as I felt a bit off. I read my email. I read the news. I went slow. I did not, and will regret this all day, have breakfast—just coffee.

I finally took my meds and dressed. I watched another episode of Game of Thrones, the first season. It is a very sexy show, and I slowly understand the different characters. So far, the storyline has been very predictable.

I met Evan here, and we drove to BJ’s for lunch at about 1ish. We were surprised to be put on a waiting list. We waited maybe five minutes, and soon Lacy, our waiter, was getting me a drink, and we waited for Mariah to join us. Susie stayed home as she had just got going. I got her breakfast and had some cold streak, a Susie fav, on a plate in the frig for her that she found later. I remember to move my big chair out of the way when I am away.

I had Sorba noodles and just felt more off. I think I did not take my meds at the same time on weekdays and without breakfast, and this messed me up. I will pay attention to Monday and see if the problem just goes away.

We chatted and Evan and Mariah have finally met.

Mariah headed out, and Evan and I went to Wildwood Tap, and only a small table was available outside. We managed to just fit the board game The Lost Ruins of Arnak on the table. We played a fast two-person game, freezing at the last part. It was just too cold to sit outside and play board games under a tent!

The Lost Ruins of Arnak is a deck-building and working placement game with strong resources management systems. I also find the Indiana Jones or Lara Croft elements a bit immersive. I hummed the Indiana Jones theme after I purchased the card “hat” that looked like something I wear. I sort of daydream about my actions while playing. “Of course, I need three compasses (representing means to get to the lost ruins sites),” I think as I move to investigate a new site.

I lost by four points. Evan managed to suddenly run up the research track. I bought a lot of cards. My last action was to tie up the guardians’ overcome count–we both did two. This was a mistake. I should have advanced the research track. Buying cards and doing the research are the most points. I did at least free myself of fear cards and most of my no-value cards. As I said, I was short one arrowhead and finished with too many resources still on my board. I had enough stuff to move up three rows or more if I had the arrowhead (which I burned to overcome a guardian!).

Evan has played two games to my three. He scored better than I did this game and played in the last round three turns after I passed. I had done that to him in the first rounds.

We both like the game, and the game mechanics are making sense. But, you have to be very careful with the deck-building as you can ruin your game by mistakingly shuffling all your cards together! We were careful to follow the procedure printed on the aid card. We had no mishaps.

We paid the bill, just one beer, and headed home. We stopped by Gyro House to get some dessert. I got Susie coffee to go with her’s and made Turkish coffee for Evan and me.

There is a Harry Potter marathon that Susie was watching and we watched for a bit and then switch over to the Oscars. So far, I have not won.

354,341 more people are reported to be infected today in India.

273 people are reported to have died from Covid-19 in the USA today.

I was really expecting a pop-sounding version of Lift High the Cross.

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