Year 1 Day 44: Monday Working

Just a short story today as it is a busy workday.

I started at 6ish and started right in. Logged in and started to read emails and find my way.  I had to fix some issues in the vendor patches, OSS notes to those who speak SAP, and spend the morning listening to status meetings on Zoom while trying to fix issues in the code and data structures.

I forgot about the time, and it was past 9 when I remembered that Susie had Zerida and a spa day. Her driver arrived while she was getting dressed. We managed to get ready and be only ten minutes late—a new record for Susie. Not the kind of start for a week I would want, but we got it handled.

Returning to work, I managed to find the issues and resolve them in the patches and listen to more status. It was a pleasure to get my walk at 10ish and make the short walk. It hurt as I walk as fast as I can without running. My legs and back hurt by the time I was home. But no coughing. It is cold and wet–Oregon is back to normal spring! Use it or lose it!

I ordered lamb kabobs for lunch from Gyro House, delivered by GrubHub. I was not feeling right yesterday and wanted to get some protein into me. It was perfect, and I suddenly felt better.

Susie was back about 1ish and had her fav, McDonald Happy Meal with apples.

Status meetings went on for the afternoon, and an emergency meeting at 4ish ended the day for me. It being Monday, I rested for a bit after ordering KFC delivered. Kentucky Fried Chicken was all I could manage as we kept having fixes and emergency meetings.

I managed dinner, and then, it being Monday, I logged on to Roll20. My camera did not work! I switched to the old Opera browser, and everything worked actually worked a bit better than Google Chrome.

We played Roll20 from 6:30 to 9ish. We went over as we started a battle at 8:15, and it was a close one. I managed to scare the players good. Without giving away spoilers, the other major encounters were single dangerous creatures. Often a bad roll or the concerted actions of the players just overwhelm a powerful single bad-guy in Dungeons and Dragons 5E. When I build my own encounters, I try to have many creatures to counter the players’ four to six characters. Tonight four highly armored with huge hit point count scared the players good. The super wizard did not even make them blink, but four bad guys took a while to bring down!

They did meet a bad guy in her lair and with plenty of allies. They sweet-talked her, and she let them go on. She even gave them directions! But Bill did get critical success on persuading.

So a busy Monday.

319,415 people are reported infected with Covid-19 today in India. Pray for India!

Oregon is over 40% vaccinated and continuing to push forward.

455 people died in the USA from Covid-19 today.

I picked Be Thou My Vision for today.

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