Year 1 Day 45: Tuesday with Night Work

I am writing this while also on Zoom with India tonight. We are running data conversions for the local shoe company.

I have to admit I could have started earlier on the blog, but I am on the last Vatta’s War novel, and it is just so good. I spent the evening reading. I should have been painting figures or doing cool Python programming, or working on some electrical/robot stuff. Instead, I am enjoying the story, and I needed a bit of a distraction. I am feeling much better now.

Before this reading, Susie and I met Mariah at The Rock Wood Fired Pizza for beer and an early dinner. I had just a chopped salad and a red ale. Susie had mac and cheese with bacon. Mariah had a burger.

The staff knows us and even our usual choices. Mariah ordered a mixed drink instead of a beer and shocked them. Then Susie did not order pizza, and I ordered, as I said, a salad. I think they were surprised!

The outside was closed. I think the new lockdown rules have reduced the number of folks in the pizza place. We got the low table in the bar–perfect for Susie. Everyone was being safe.

Before we headed out, I spent the afternoon trying to keep my perspective as I disagree with management on how to write something. It was trying to be my penguin, “smile and wave,” self. It was frustrating.

Before this, I slipped out in Air Volvo to get lunch at the drive-thru Burger King and got Susie a plain cheeseburger and a whopper with cheese for me. I really love their burgers and the veggies on the burger. We got mozzarella sticks instead of fries.

The morning was the discussions that frustrated me and status meetings—hours and hours of Zooming for Nike. I was also reading some documents and, of course, emails.

I slept in this morning until about 7:30 as all the early meetings were canceled.

Another huge number of infections were reported today in India. Please pray for India!

16,907 people in Oregon received a vaccination yesterday. This number will likely increase as more counts are added over the next three days.

885 people died in the USA from Covid-19 today.

I liked this version of The Lord Bless You and Keep You. I have done it before, but I liked it.

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