Year 1 Day 46: Wednesday Long

It is another evening with India at the shoe company. We are still working on data conversions on India time. So I am on a Zoom call with folks here and in India.

I also was happy to have leadership switch their minds and align with our working solution. So that was nice too. It was a bit unexpected.

Dinner was complex today. We were going to have sausages on the grill. These are pre-cooked from Olympia Provisions, a local company in Portland, and Corwin lost control of them and puff.

We ordered out for Mexican.

I had more status and alignment meetings this afternoon. I also took a break and finished my last Vatta’s War book. The last one in the series was hard to put down. I have not gone to the Vatta’s Peace series. I ordered another series, the Cold Fire series. I read these years ago. This is a grand fantasy story much like Space Opera. I read them years ago and never finished the series—time to try it out again.

Lunch was Mexican; had I known about the carbonization of dinner, I would have ordered something else. I had my usual sent by Grubhub from Don Chilitos Mexican Grill.

I spent the morning on multiple Zoom calls and sometimes being triple booked or worse.

I slept until 7:30ish as I was working with India last night until midnight.

379,469 people were infected today in India. Our hearts go out to India.

The USA and Oregon continue to vaccinate at a fast rate. It is likely we will reach 50% soon.

954 people died in the USA from Covid-19 today.

I tried to find Santos! Santos! Santos!. This is the best one I could find.

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