Year 1 Day 47: Long Thursday with Little Sleep

I started today at 6ish and had to rush as I had a meeting with SAP leadership about some presentations. A group of us met on Zoom and we have a meeting with other SAP customers on Zoom coming up. This is the planning meeting for that. It was a nice change.

My morning was fighting the chaos and following along on endless Zoom status meetings. This is not usually this hard but I count only about 12 hours of sleep in four days so I am dragging. I had to run nonstop this morning.

I did manage to get breakfast of oatmeal and a banana with coffee. I slipped out at 11, my first break, to get Susie’s prescription. I could not get them yesterday as I worked from 7ish in the morning to midnight. Susie had breakfast lunch after her pills.

I had two breakfast sandwiches that I microwaved for lunch. These are from Jimmy Dean and are frozen. I microwave them once, let them spread out the heat, and then microwave them again.  I don’t mind them a bit crunchy from overcooking, but still cold is unedible.

The meetings went on and I was trying to put in some vendor patches I started yesterday when all of our systems at the shoe company went down. There was a storm in the cloud, as we say. The storm passed and systems in the cloud were available.

I had a few crises of the moment. A good friend asked me while I was still “piano catching,” how he describes all the crises I am handling, and could I not find easier things to do for Nike. That was a good question.

I was still juggling falling pianos into the evening. I am very tired and decided to stop tonight and start back up maybe with smaller pianos in the morning!

We are working into the weekend and so I had to back out of my first big board game event now that we are vaccinated. I am disappointed. I suspect I will have to play some solo board games like Pax Paramir and The Lost Ruins of Arnak this weekend.

870 people died in the USA today from the virus.

Our heart goes out for India.

I finally found something that worked for me tonight: Blest Be the Tie That Binds.


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