Year 1 Day 48: Friday Into Weekend

I was tired, so I woke at 6ish and walked in my robe to my Nike laptop and discovered that I had no meetings still until 8:30, so I went back to sleep and awoke feeling much more human. A few mornings, I have arisen than awoken, more undead than alive. There is an image you probably did not need.

Meetings started at 8:30, Zooming status meetings. I also had issues I tried to resolve that just failed. I am still working to resolve them. The data conversions are also going pear-shaped as there are various issues. So the day was me ping-ponging from one issue and system to another.

I had leftover KFC chicken and mash potatoes for lunch. Coffee and a breakfast sandwich, Jimmy Dean’s, microwaved from frozen (2 mins. wait a few mins and then another 30 seconds).

The afternoon was more status meetings and requests for more information. My issue was not resolved, and I have a meeting on Saturday morning to resolve it, I hope.

We are working the weekend to get the data conversion done so testing can start as planned this coming Monday. I had to contact Richard and back out of a Twilight Imperium Game this coming Saturday morning. This is with the Prophecy of Kings add-on I have yet to play. Next time!

I will have time this weekend to paint figures and some other projects as I am grounded from work.

I just got word that our 9PM meeting is canceled tonight–working India hours. So maybe some figure painting tonight.

Got word that a friend from Nike passed away, Felicia Summerfield. She designed much of the purchasing processes at Nike that have run so well for the last twenty years. Felicia was one of the IT people that made it worth coming to work. Her smile and laugh are how I always think of her. We spared over software design and purchasing processes for years; this made the design stronger. Felicia was a woman of strong faith, so I know she is Ok.

I made a quick dinner. Dinner was meatballs add to a stirfry of butter with pasta and veggies. Things in the freezer just needed to be used. It was not that bad.

784 people died in the USA from Covid-19 today.

India had another record level of infection.

Oregon is still vaccinating and locking down again.

There was a terrible accident in Israel today; I picked Psalm 104 in Hebrew.




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