Year 1 Day 49: Saturday with Headache

I watched the old movie TRON today. I bought a copy for my Apple this morning and watched it while tracking text and processes at the shoe company.

My first meeting was at 9 this morning and another one at 3PM. I have kept track of the process and the lack of progress all day. Not a very exciting day.

I managed to paint some figures for a while. These are Richard’s figures I am working on.

I broke away at noonish for Taco Bell and getting the tree stuff washed off of Air Volvo. It has been a cold overcast day here—no rain, but damp, gray, and well normal for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

I made grill ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner and am finishing up the laundry. This while I watch Slack channel updates and emails.

No games played today.

I did buy the electronic version for Roll20 of Candlekeep Mysteries for Dungeons and Dragons 5E. There are three interesting mysteries that we can play with my current players. I can save the rest for other games. I will make a few changes in the Mad Mage adventure, which may end this Monday, so that we can move right into the first mystery.

All day a headache had troubled me. Making reading and painting difficult.

I am reading the first book in the Coldfire series, Black Sun Rising. I like the mix of fantasy and SciFi in these books. Despite the headache, I have read a lot today. Years ago, I read the first two. Kindles make it easy to find these books. I could not locate a copy of the last book when I read them before.

India is suffering. Our prayers and thoughts go out to India.

Oregon was called out in the BBC News as one of the places in the USA that are experiencing a surge of Covid-19 cases.

661 people in the USA died today from Covid-19.

Blessed Assurance with a Bluegrass sound works for me today. I have done this one before, but I like it.

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