Year 1 Day 50: Sunday Working

The sun is just setting this May 2nd. I took a picture of the first roses for 2021. The sunny days and the switching to lengthening days have turned the switch in nature to Spring and Summer. The frogs are singing, and we hear the geese and ducks flying overhead. The sky was clear today; the pollen is killing me. Usually, the rains are so heavy now that the roses melt off the bushes. But the China Rose is always happy and the first roses.

The day started too early with me hearing Evan getting going at 5:30. He was doing the streaming for local sports that start early, and he preferred staying here instead of returning home to Portland and driving twice as far. I got up and made coffee and got him a to-go cup ready.

I tried to return to sleep, but I started coughing and all that jazz from pollen. So I finally was up. I logged onto work and started a Sunday working day before 6ish! I spent the whole morning logged on and working.

I took a few breaks, and I ordered bagels delivered by DoorDash. I had a lox bagel and a baker’s dozen (sliced) delivered to the house with some schmear. It is a fav on the weekend. I immediately put 1/2 a dozen bagels in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer. Bagels all week!

I also continued on the experiencing of Game of Throne’s first season. I am almost to the end of the first season, and the show is much better than the first few episodes. The show has no problem killing off important and well-loved characters. This makes the show much more exciting when you know that anyone could die. So far, I like it, but I am not prepared to commit to season 2. It is a lot of time.

Lunch for me was a quick Popeye’s Spicy Chicken sandwich. I like them these. I was then back to it, Zooming.

I took a break and watched a few Games of Throne’s episodes. Susie got up, and I got her a donut and coffee. She seems to like Games of Thrones, so we watch it for a while. I had to keep stopping and join discussions at work—Zoom meeting lasting for hours to work out issues in the data conversions.

I got a text from Mariah and slipped out to Golden Valley Brewery and sat in the sun outside. Mariah brought her little dog. There were lots of dogs. I had their salad with grilled steak. It is a giant piece of lettuce, grilled and covered with sliced olives, grilled onions, and red peppers in oil plus a small sliced steak. Quite a decadent salad. I had that with a regular-sized gin and tonic. Mariah had the fish and chips, which is quite good too, and a drink also.

The waiter kept up offering me more booze. I kept telling her she would have to drive me home as I was tired if I had another. She thought a nice day for a drive, but we decided I would stick to one drink and thereafter water.

I brought back Susie a nice apple tart with caramel, bacon (!), and ice cream from Golden Valley Brewery. She loved it. Susie was reading and not ready for a dinner out; she did get a hand-delivered dessert.

Back to work. Zooming on Sunday all night again. More data conversions this night.

312 people today in the USA died from Covid-19.

Oregon is starting to lock down in places. Washington Country, where we live, has partially re-locked down.

The First One Ever was a hymn I just turned to. I have sung it before. This version is a bit rough, but I thought it matches the music well.


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