Year 1 Day 51: Monday Again

I managed to sleep until 6:30. My first meeting was at 8:00.

The data conversions are running today, and we watched them all day.

I had a muffin and coffee as I started reading email and Slack channels on status. The muffin was a gift in the bagels box I bought from Einstein’s Bagels on Sunday.

I managed to slip out and take a walk. I did my shorter Monday morning. No bad coughing, but my legs felt like they were wooden. Use it or lose it!

Work was mostly status meetings and giving some advice here and there. I followed up on a few items and got some traction, unusual for a Monday. So it was a bit of a frustrating day as everything that is simple required meetings and approvals, but some actually got done.

Lunch was delivered by GrubHub from Gyro House, a lamb gyro. Susie was up about noon, and I got her breakfast and coffee.

I had some more vendor patches, and I was finally able to make some progress. The patch failed, OSS notes to those who speak SAP, and I have to manually code some of it. I tried three times and decided I should try this after getting some more rest.

Monday was busy and full of Zooming.

Today we played Roll20 Dungeons and Dragons 5E. This is online with live video with e software providing a desktop that looks like pencil and paper 5E. There are six players now, including me, the Dungeon Master, that runs the game.

I was tired, so I ordered Chinese Food from Happy Panda. They make a Chicken Cashew that Susie likes, and I tried their spicy Kung Pao Chicken. It was familiar and good. They deliver, but you have to pay when they deliver. I had the credit card to the driver and have them put a tip and sign. It works and is safe.

When food is delivered, I put the bags on the counter, take all the food out of the bags. Throw the bags away and wash my hands. The food is hot. I use our plates and silverware.

The big battle was the end of the huge series of adventures we have played for about six months or a bit longer. They faced the Mad Mage and won. Some luck on their side helped. If they turned over all their loot to him, the Mad Mage did offer they could escape with the Astral Ship they wanted. This was my own idea–it is not part of the text of the adventure, but I thought it fit the theme. They did debate the offer for 30 minutes and decided to pay, but for fun, we played it anyway. We kept that ending anyway when they won. I knew they could beat the Mad Mage, but it would be close.

Cory, their wizard, managed to get two maximized fireballs into the Mad Mage. I missed the saving throw both times. It was a good plan. The Mad Mage fell.

We begin the new adventure, the Candelkeep Mysteries. We will skip a week as one of our players is traveling and then resume the following week.

That is about all. I was back online Zooming at 9PM to work India hours. The data conversions were running well, and I was only Zooming for 15 mins or so.

445 people died today in the USA from Covid-19.

We remember all the people we have lost with a hymn or song. Today I went with the hymn attributed to Gregory the Great: Father We Praise Thee.


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