Year 1 Day 53: Wednesday, Cinco de Mayo 2021

Tonight we went to the local Mexican place, Mazatlan Aloha, and celebrated that they were still open for in-restaurant dining and that we all made it to Cinco de Mayo 2021. There was no celebration for 2020, of course. I remember the day in 2020 passing without even a taco.

Today I had the Mazatlan plate and a huge margarita. I finished with flan.

It was a wonderful sunny we-must-have-moved-to-California spring day. It is 80F+. And the pollen is crushing me. I slept into 7:15ish and started my first Zoom meeting, fully dressed and showered at 8AM.

I spent the day listening to status meetings and trying to work out some issues in data egress. As strange as this sounds, now that my one team has got all that into the systems, another of my teams must provide egress of much of the same data to other non-SAP and some SAP targets. Truly, there is no rest of the wicked or, in my case, for data flow. I was on four calls on issues with pulling the newly minted data.

I am happy to report that the Zoom meeting at 9PM for India’s morning ended this week. I have a problem with a vendor patch (an OSS note for those who speak SAP) and have a Zoom meeting scheduled for India’s end-of-day: 4:30PDT! Ugly.

The day at home working was full of crises of the moment, but I resolved most of them. Lunch was Aloha Teriyaki in the strip mall just around the corner from our house. They were open for lunch–most places except fast food are now closed for lunch, and I thought I should, after more than a year, pick up a chicken bowl for Susie and their bento box for me. It was good. Susie was surprised as it has been a long time since she had a chicken bowl from Aloha Teriyaki.

This is from last year’s blog on May 5, 2020:

The reports follow the same pattern of the last few weeks, and the counts of deaths from the virus increased by a thousand from yesterday: Two-thousand three-hundred-fifty. Unfortunately, the number of deaths is not decreasing yet. 

There is no hint of celebrating in the blog. I had no sleep and worked all night, and was suffering from a migraine last year, May 5th.

So a better year so far!

1.3 million people in Oregon out of 4.2M are fully vaccinated.

743 people in the USA died from the virus today.

Last May 5th, I picked For All The Saints in the middle of the first terrible surge of death and infections in the USA. Let’s go with that again and the same version too. The USA has lost more than 1/2 a million souls (saints) to the virus since I wrote the May 5, 2020 blog entry. Tears fill my eyes as I listen.

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