Year 1 Day 54: Early Thursday and Tree Gone

My day started about 3:45ish for a meeting with India which then got rescheduled to 6:30. I am drained today, working on only a few hours of sleep. I took a nap this evening; I will likely regret it when I try to return to sleep tonight.

Today was the end of my least favorite pine. The blue pine was once an ornamental blue pine with all those lines suggesting a hard life on the mountains. It had grown into a monster block, the light for my roses, dropping needles everywhere, and attracting woodpeckers and other wildlife.

After it broke, after being trimmed with care, and dropped a huge branch on my neighbor’s house, it had to go. The weather here is damp and windy. Non-native trees fall and break. So today, they brought in some incredible equipment and disassembled the tree like it was a kit and ground it and its stump to a pile of wood chips.

It is always sad to see a tree come down. But this one has been a hazard and a nuisance for years. The birds will miss it most.

My other roses are starting to flower. I suspect I will have pictures from the moss roses soon.

Today it was cool, and it did sprinkle a few times. The Oregon mist was heavy for a few moments.

I managed to return, fully dressed, to the Zoom meeting at Nike IT this morning at 8:30. The early meeting with India took only 15 minutes. It cost me three hours of sleep.

I reheated the Chinese from a few days ago for lunch. I had a bagel and coffee during the early meetings. Dinner was a Pappa Murphy’s Take-and-Bake pizza and a chicken caesar salad.

I picked up Corwin’s dry cleaning once work let-up at about 3:30ish. The local dry cleaners are now out-of-business. She cried when I paid. Ours was her last order. The pandemic claims another family business, a small Philipino family’s business.

I took a nap, as I said above. I watched email, and nobody needs me at the shoe company. I took more naps.

The stock market went up again. Wood, steel, and other construction-based materials have increased by 3x, according to some reports. There is concern that the economy will overheat. My thought is that I am really looking forward to a too good economy.

This reminds me, my 401K was re-org’d to work by age. Yes, you give your age and expected retirement, and then you get pre-balanced and risk-appropriate investments. I am now much younger as I overrode the investments to more risky and higher return investments–much like I used for the last three years. My annual return has fallen to 3.6% this year-to-date. I managed an insane 16% last year and 26% in 2019. I am not ready to move to debt instruments with low-interest rates.

860 people died in the USA today.

I found this Crown Him With Many Crowns yesterday when I was searching for music. An  Acappella version. I hope you like it.

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