Year 1 Day 64: Sunday Game of Thrones

I managed to sleep into 9ish and got a night’s sleep.

Evan, staying overnight to have an easy drive to a pickleball tournament, was up also. So we watched more Games of Thrones, finishing Season 2. I then got dressed, and we went on a quest for breakfast.

Apparently and unsurprisingly, the lovely sunny day, so wrong in wet and rainy Oregon, had the young and hungry mobbing Tom’s Pancake house. People were dressed for a Sunday in California in tight and smallish outfits. Everyone looked like they had merged with various summer songs from LA.

I was in a black t-shirt with a physics pun about how people matter, literally. This with old blue pants and my wool Indiana Jones hat made me look like I was off my meds in this weather.

Evan found Yelp suggested Batter Up (eye rolls, please) near old Beaverton. It was perfect, and I had a nice Monte Cristo while sitting outside and drink hot coffee (Nobody sat near us). Evan had a lemon blueberry waffle that he loved with a smoothy. The building has the equivalent to little trucks built in it, and you buy Mexican, or coffee, or, in our case, breakfast food in a shared dining space. All of which would make more sense in a post-Covid-19 world. We ate on tables outside. Quest fulfilled.

We then continued our traveling and visited the Beaverton Powell’s Books. Evan found some more cheap copies of the books for Game of Thrones. I managed to resist this time as I read SciFi on my Kindle. There were no new history or computer or math books I must buy today.

We still had time to kill, so we drove to Hillsboro and stopped by Blood and Rune gaming story. I talked to the owner for a bit, and there was just a few new items, none that interested me. I bought a discounted adventure that I will read for some ideas for Dungeons and Dragons. We walked a block–I wanted to walk as I felt stiff. Use it or lose it!

Evan went off to his pickleball games, and I had chores to do. I started the laundry and then did the prep work for Dungeons and Dragons. We completed the big campaign book last week, The Mad Mage Maze. I have purchased some additional material, The Candlekeep Mysteries, for Roll20. The last three adventures will work for the current play. I made a few updates and added some artwork available from earlier versions of Dungeons Dragons. I believe I can thread the stand-alone adventure into the current story. No spoilers.

I went off to Safeway, and I purchased a pile of groceries, including premade bourbon marinated kabobs, wearing a mask indoors. I had to pick up some cleaning supplies, which, combined with the meat, sent the cost up. I was still surprised at the register.

I went to the pharmacy and picked up some more meds I was running out of. I was coughing without stopping from the pollen. The pharmacist, knowing my health issues, recommended Zyrtec, the cheaper RiteAid brand. One pill, and in a few hours, I was feeling better. I will hope it works, but I am a bit sleepy. That may be caused by other things; I will see what Monday brings when I take it in the morning.

I broiled the kabobs, and that worked out. I bought some artisan bread, and that went well with the slightly charred beef. The marinate caused the beef to blacken a bit. It was a success.

We watched more Game of Thrones as Susie likes the show. Corwin has to remind me who is who and why this is happening. I never read the books, and sometimes the scene changes are breathtakingly sudden. I like the show a bit better, into the start of Season 3.

I continued on with the laundry and will finish it before I head to bed.

289 people in the USA died today of Covid-19.

Amen/We Shall Overcome was the best of the options I saw. I like this version to remember all we have lost and how far we have come.


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