Year 1 Day 63: Saturday Back Home

Working backward, we just watched some more Game of Thrones Season 2. I have to admit I thought the storylines and pacing were not as good as I had hoped. I could not stop watching as the siege hit, and the story was out of the control of the people in the show. Events overwhelm them all. I think I liked it.

Before and before sunset Susie and I drove to McDonald’s and got an inexpensive and simple dinner. We drove over to a local park and watch the folks walk and run and play soccer while we ate our dinner with the new direction; there almost no masks. People looked happy, but I could see that nobody was approaching people they did not know.

I saw that more of my roses are flowering. More rose pictures.

Cardinal Richelieu, a one-time blooming unique rose, a fav. This is an old-school rose that is hard to find now.
Picasso, a locally created repeat blooming rose

We were home about 1:30PM, and the trip seemed shorter this time from Lincoln City. We had less traffic, and we know the way back.

Just before headed back, we stopped by a beach and walk and enjoyed the Pacific. We did not see any whales. Mariah slipped out at 6ish and drove to Depoe Bay and saw lots of whales. They like the low morning tide. We did see one tidal pool, but I was not prepared to get into that water. It is cold, and the wind was blowing freezing.

very windy!

We met at the Pig in a Blanket for breakfast in Lincoln City after checking out. We had to wait a long time for a table, but Mariah just got back from Depoe Bay when we got called. Breakfast for me was second-breakfast and Swedish Pancakes. I had a small breakfast of biscuit and gravy. My medications are unpleasant if I do not eat after taking them.

499 people in the USA died from the virus today.

Thine Be the Glory seemed to fit with the crashing waves.

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