Year 1 Day 62: Lincoln City

We left the house in Air Volvo at 7:45ish for Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. Corwin had an appointment in the parking garage for the Chinook Winds Casino. Siletz Tribe put on a Moderna party at the Casino. There are now many places to get the vaccine, but when Corwin signed up, there were few, and so we ended headed to a nice weekend at the coast.

We got to the coast about 9:30ish, follow a familiar route I have not used since Michael Geissner got married. I had not realized it had been that many years.

We had breakfast at McDonald’s with Susie enjoying an apple fritter, a fav, while Corwin and I had a more normal McDonald’s standard breakfast fare.

We then drove the Casino, and the still organizing people managed to get us through the process. Corwin had his first shot, and we will return on 11June2021 at the Casino for his second.

We parked at The End park and beach, and Corwin and I walked the wonderful low tide beach. I found a few shells. Susie stayed warm in the car; it was windy and cold (56F).

On the beach selfie
Those are all the warning signs and notice; it is Oregon, there is a Courtesy list.

Stopped next to the Hotel, and the rooms were not ready. We headed to Pigs in a Blanket and had more lunch. The food was nice, and service was welcomed.

We then drove around a bit as we had time to kill. We made it to some antique place and the Candy Store. I picked up a bottle of homemade veggies in a bottle that was very pretty. Corwin found antique-ish chess set for a friend’s birthday. Popcorn, fudge, and taffy were also acquired.

After that, we got our rooms and waited for Mariah to show. Just a short rest. When Mariah arrived, we opened a bottle of wine and had a few Pringles with the wine. We then headed to the Casino. I was tired from the drive and so kept to one glass of wine and only Diet drinks at the Casino.

We had a few drinks and then the hotel called. Mariah’s dog was barking. Mariah and I headed back and then moved Ramon to our room. We suspect there is another dog in another room barking. We let the hotel know we had checked everything out and moved the dog. They were delighted that we took the problem seriously and that we had moved the dog. We had no more calls.

We found Susie and Corwin, and I was disappointed that we were not wealthy. Apparently, this casino is excellent at removing your wealth. We looked for dinner.

After many false steps, including a really nice looking fish and chips joint that told us they cannot promise that they did not fry the chicken wings in the same oil as the fish–we were pleased they told us that, we ended up at Autobahn 101.

This a German place, and I did order 1/2 liter of German Beer and Jagerschnitzel. Susie had a sausage, and Mariah and Corwin had a nice dinner too. Corwin had a liter.

Susie bought a glass and Cowin got a t-shirt.

I am now fatigued, but it was not a had Friday.

Another 733 people died today from Covid-19 in the USA.

Susie is sleeping so I will pass on the music tonight.

2 thoughts on “Year 1 Day 62: Lincoln City”

  1. Manzanita is a nice beach too, though we lack a casino- just saying.


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