Year 1 Day 61: Rushed Thursday

As often happens on a day before taking time off, the day has just blown by. I have not packed or written my blog, and it is 10PM already. So much some of my plans. I will just make due.

I started the morning about 7ish after getting up at 6ish and finding I had no meetings until 8AM. I read emails and found my way in the morning. All the work was running on the tracks, unusual, and planning was starting on the next round of system building and testing for the big project. A strange time of chaos and restarting.

I often listened today and tried to give some direction; much fell on deaf ears, but I suspect when I am out on Friday, all the words will suddenly trip questions, and I suspect I will be on calls on my day off. But just maybe those can wait until Monday. I noticed my Friday meetings were light. I am not missing much for being on leave for Friday.

Lunch was booked over, I made a cold ham and cheese sandwich, and many meetings were double and sometimes tripled booked. I picked the meetings I think I could provide the most input. I avoid leadership meetings open discussion meetings–I will leave that with no comment.

The afternoon was much of the same. I did have a couple exploration meetings where a team is trying to understand how Nike translates prices and costs into US dollars. This quest continues as we are now moving to the next group of people who can cover these processes for the shoe company purchasing. Maybe not some most folks would find interesting, but how money works in a multi-national company is an excellent thing to know. For those who need a reminder: Other People’s Money.

I took a break and then was back online at work a few times more. I suspect most folks at work are already in weekend mode.

I have almost finished Maisie Dobbs book 16. It has the right mix of darkness and storytelling that I love from these books. Recommended. I will finish the book today. Yes, I read it, pushing through as I love these stories in just a few days.

Dinner was Schwann’s Chicken Cordon Blu (frozen); I made pasta and then fried it with butter and a bit of bacon to go with it. I also peeled some aging carrots from the frig and steamed them almost to mushiness (I started them too soon).

I served Susie as I was starting on the Zoom church meeting, Theology Pub. A meeting, previously held in a pub, about church topics and often theology. We were talking about leadership and how to be servant leaders. We often dwelled on our leaders, national and church, failure to lead and to inspire.

We did think that leaders create the fruits often of people doing things and discovering things about themselves that they were not prepared to do. And they liked it.

Our final thought was that we, the First United Methodist Church leaders, may want to lead by inviting other group leaders to share with us their experience. We can learn from them. That might help us manage up to our Methodist leadership.

I have yet to pack, clean up the kitchen and put a few extras in the Air Volvo we might need. We will be spending the night on the coast on Friday.

My Pink Moss rose is now opening up, and the scent is strong. It is planted just outside of my bedroom window. This is an old-style rose.

762 people died in the USA today from Covid-19, including fourteen from Oregon.

I went with That Old Time Religion thinking it sort of fit today.


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