Year 1 Day 60: Wednesday with Dinner

Dinner tonight was at BJ’s Brewhouse. Mariah had texted me and wanted to have a drink this sunny May in Oregon. It is never nice in May in Oregon, except the last few years. I had a red ale and spaghetti and meatballs. Susie had her favorite baked potato skins with cheese and bacon (no green onions!) with her favorite drink, a Southern Comfort Manhattan on the rocks with two cherries. Mariah had an Old Fashioned with a huge pork chop. It was a dinner I have not had for more than a year, and for a moment, the world seemed to be better.

Before dinner, I had meetings on and off all day. Zooming for Nike. I also had a few crises for the moment and a few alignment meetings. It was a busy afternoon.

I did take a few breaks to read and relax. I am still fatigued and slept poorly again. Last night I managed to enjoy leg cramps that were quite terrible, and Susie was scared as I called out and howled from the pain. I was left shaken and exhausted at 1ish when the cramps finally stopped after I walked them out. Not a very fun process.

While resting, I started the 16th book from the Maisie Dobbs series, the newest one, The Consequences of Fear. I forgot how much I love these books and each read feels like a warm, familiar blanket when reading. I recommend them, start with number 1, Maisie Dobbs.

I made a sandwich for lunch from deli meats I got last grocery shopping.

The morning was Zooming and trying to find my way—most of it alignment and status. I researched one issue and put in a vendor fix (OSS note for those who speak SAP) to fix a performance issue.

My roses are flowering more. I had little time today to look at them today.

China Rose


First bud of Herbalist David Austin rose

I will try to get some rest. I took Friday off. Taking Corwin to his appointment for his first vaccine shot. I had to turn down another game with Richard as I am out of town on Friday.

Got an email from Matt Vincent that we are going to start back to playing Dungeons and Dragons again soon. The rule is that you must be vaccinated to play.

841 people died today from the infection in the USA.

I found this version of the Lord’s Prayer today. I hope you like it and it will bring peace to those we lost.


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