Year 1 Day 59: Hours of Meetings Tuesday

I am fatigued tonight, so this will likely be a short update.

I started the morning at about 6:30ish as I had a 7:30 meeting. I rushed a bit this morning. We had a meeting with the Chief Digital Information Officer on Zoom for the main project I am working on. Ratnakar Lavu talked about how the pandemic is affecting him; his parents have Covid-19, and that he can not travel to help them. Ratnakar found a hotel that offers medical assistance for them. He set up a Slack channel to share ideas on how to help people in India and anywhere. It was hard to hear how hard things are in India.

Work was hours and hours of Zoom meetings. Today we had the workshop that means multiple two-plus hours stints on one subject. It is funny, but before the pandemic and lockdown, we would often have maybe three people in a conference room all watching Zoom together. We have at Nike, in many conference rooms, a video system that would zoom in on the person talking so those on the phone call could see who was talking. It’s funny how things have changed; now you know who is speaking because you see it flagged on Zoom. It works a bit better.

Nike also had a new policy back before 2020 that people should use video conferences instead of driving to meetings. Before the push to use video conferences, many of us would spend 1/4 or more of our time commuting to meetings in different buildings. We, before the pandemic, were already in endless video conferences. We have “hotel” rooms in the office that are just largest for one or two people,closet-sized, with a hard-wired phone and a nice monitor. These allowed you to do those hours of calls without some poor people having to listen to you. Headphones were also distributed by the shoe company, so you could not hear the person next to you, if unlucky to be at a desk, that was doing a call. You would listen to your tunes when not on a call. I am not sure I really want to go back to the office. We have only lockers and open seating to return to.

The pollen is terrible today. It is a wonderful sunny warm 80F+ day in May in Oregon. The coughing and the caregiving, and the long meeting are wearing on me.

I had the workshops run into lunch; I made a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I made Susie breakfast when she got going this late morning.

I had a few crises of the moment, but mostly I listened and tried to clarify a few items in the workshop.

I finished a wonderful book today once the meetings stopped. I managed to not nod off this time. I would recommend The Children of Time. The book by Adrian Tchaikovsky is a hopeful dystopian (if you can say that) novel of deep space travel, sci-fi. The earth is lost to us. The last humans are in an arc space ship searching for a home while a terraformed planet brings rise to different children of earth, spiders. A virus reprograms the spiders to be larger and smarter, and social, but they are spiders. I really liked the mix of SciFi and epic storytelling from two person’s points of view, a human from earth who studied old earth and a spider that keeps being reborn with many of the same memories. It is a dark retelling of some events in human history relived by spiders and a dystopian arc ship of humans trying to find a home. I loved it.

I went to McDonald’s for dinner as I was too tired to cook or paint figures. I brought it back. Susie had her fav of a McDonald’s Happy Meal. This one comes with a tiny pather toy that Susie loves. I had two cheeseburgers with fries and a chocolate shake—Dad’s fav. I was thinking of dad today, and so I got his fav for lunch. I like the cheap small burgers with cheese.

Susie and I watched 1/2 of The Addams Family episode, the old black and white version, while eating our bounty from McDonald’s for dinner. I think Susie thought it was silly, but it made me laugh as the jokes are often unexpected. I just love John Astin as Gomez. We then watched the very depressing 1/2 hour of BBC news.

My other roses are beginning to flower. I have a few pictures of them starting up.


That is all I was thinking about today.

743 people in the USA died of Covid-19 today.

I am tempted to list the Addam Family’s theme, but instead, I picked Lean on Me.




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