Year 1 Day 58: Crazy Monday

I received a bill for $990 for a magazine subscription con that Susie has been a victim of for years. I have asked Susie to not speak to the people again as they are con and cons are easy to fall for. Susie claims she only talked to them to cancel the subscription, but I sure the con persons have a recording of Susie agreeing to everything. I do not know if they tricked Susie or just edited the recording to say what they wanted. It does not matter as I once again have to try to fix this. The last two times, I ended up paying the bill.

I wrote the subscription people a letter saying that Susie believed she had canceled the subscriptions. I believe they will tell me, like the last two times, that my wife had agreed to a new subscription, and once the subscriptions exist, there is no way to cancel, and I must pay.

I took the bill, a copy of the letter I wrote to cancel, copies of our passport photo page, and a nice letter to the FBI and sent them to the Portland FBI in a large envelope. Susie has already received and forgotten requests from the FBI in the mail. They contacted her as a potential victim of the magazine subscription con. This time I will help her fill them out and send them in.

I started this rather sad day with an emergency call at 5:55 from the shoe company. In my robe, I was online at 6:00 with India. The vendor wanted me to reverse the 60 or so vendor patches as the code was not right. Somewhere in the last month, we had done one or more of the manual patches in the wrong order. Their solution was to spend the next two hours removing every patch (OSS notes to those who speak SAP). I reversed out everything they asked. It took until past 8AM.

In India, the vendor will try to re-apply all the changes and fix the software.

That left me drained. I was online with the same folks at 10PM the night before for the initial review. I was tired now.

I did get Susie ready in time for her driver to take her to Zeriada’s by 9ish. Today was nails, hair, and so on.

I was busy taking my shower when I would normally take my walk. It was a tough start for a week! Lunch was a spicy chicken sandwich and mashed potatoes from Popeye’s. Corwin joined me for lunch in Air Volvo. We park and eat in the car for a Covid-19 world.

I participated in a few more status meetings. I then was tired; I found my electronic reader, read for a bit, and nodded off.

I got going again and picked up some prescriptions and supplies from RiteAid. They are now giving vaccination for Covid-19. I was out just for a few minutes.

I got the mail, and that is when I received the bill from the magazine subscription people. I wrote the letters and drove to the post office to mail a large envelope of the information to the FBI. That is really all I can do for now.

I had one more unscheduled alignment discussion. We will try to get folks together to solve the issue on Tuesday.

I read a bit more, trying to get my frustration back under control. It is not really Susie’s fault; these are crooks. I just hate having another thing to deal with, and the FBI is not something I want to deal with being from the Pacific Northwest. It nodded off while reading again; exhaustion is setting in.

I made tacos for dinner—my fav. I remember when mom and dad Wild while would make them as a treat. I still think of them as a treat—something to make the day a bit brighter.

Sorry, it was a downer blog, but it is good, I think, to be honest.

We have a meeting about India’s situation with the Chief Digital Information Officer, our boss, Tuesday early. We have many co-workers and partners will with Covid-19 in India.

370 people died in the USA today from Covid-19.

I went with Many Gift, One Spirit as it seemed to fit.

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