Year 1 Day 57: Sunday quiet

I managed to get going about 8ish this morning. Evan had spent the night and headed out soon after that for some more pickleball play. I then watched a few more Game of Throne episodes of season 2. I am now on the third episode and have noticed that the storyline is slowing. There are so many items happening simultaneously, and new characters (and actors) have been added, slowing the story development. I am quickly losing interest if this is the new pacing for the show.

I did some laundry. I then spoke to mom Wild, and she loved the Olympian Provision heart filled with sausages–very Pacific Northwest. I spoke to her, my sister Linda, Bill, her boyfriend, and other folks over there in Michigan to have Mother’s Day dinner. I later spoke to mom Guild (Leta), and she liked the tea and honey from Upton Tea Company.

Today I have housework and various maintenance things. I got gas for the car, bought groceries at Whole Foods, and got them home. I stopped by the gaming store and picked up some washes to paint Richard’s figures. I worked last weekend and did a lot of off-hours coverage–I am still tired from it.

I then rested and read a bit. I made a beef stew for dinner.

Susie watched movies on DVD most of the day.

I will stop the blog a bit short today as I want to paint some figures, and I have a 10PM call.

India is having terrible Covid-19 issues. Our hearts go out to India.

241 people died from Covid-19 today in the USA.

I found this Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Song. A school was destroyed by a car bomb, and many girls died. Their parents buried them today and yesterday. I thought we should hear some from that part of the world.

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