Year 1 Day 67: Wednesday with Comcast

This evening I am using a fresh new Internet connection. I am now paying a few bucks less and have doubled my download speeds. My Apple laptop is almost snappy accessing the Internet. And, again, it is slightly cheaper.

Over the last year, I noticed that the Internet was less than fast, and my Zoom meetings at work were having some issues. The problem was intermittent at first but was getting worse. I decided to live with it with the pandemic, then in total lockdown and death rates looking like something from a horror movie. With the pressure being off and lockdown slowly unlocking, I contacted them and had them fix the issues.

Their tech told me there was a signal problem on the poles. I watched the Comcast guy climb a pole, our slightly broken one secured with a small cable with another pole. I was worried and stayed with him while he was using a latter to climb it. I do not know why it was not fully removed when it broke at the base. He found issues with the signal and called in for more help. It bounced a bit while he climbed it.

Comcast had to make some repairs on the pole, and now the signal is good, if not great. There was nothing wrong at the house. We did rent a replacement modem; a necessity to get the speed above 600 Mbps. With WiFI, we can get over 750 Mbps now, just under a 50% improvement.

I previously bought an expensive cable modem and dropped the $14 a month charge, but this time I needed a high speed, voice, and WiFi router box. That looked a bit complex to acquire; thusly I decided to take theirs and rent it. My bill was still lower.

I had the tech align the new Internet connection to the same name and password, and I managed to just reconnect everything without issues. Neat!

I also turned in a second TV box that had been next to the coffee maker. It was brown now, and the bottom was covered with coffee. When I drove it to the Comcast office this morning, I was told that I had delivered the grubbiest parts they ever received. We have not used it for a long time, but again we are in a pandemic, and until today I did think it worth risking getting rid of this.

Aside: Last night, I stayed up and watched the first episode of the Witcher. We get Netflix for free without new cable, no extra cost.

Returning to the start of the day, I got going at 7ish this morning. My first meetings started at 8AM. I had time to get breakfast and get all the overnight emails and Slack texts handled. I was showered and dressed in time for the first meeting. The meetings were all status meetings. I did get some surprise alignment meetings, again on more vendor patches (SAP notes to those who speak SAP).

I managed, after three times, to get my Nike 25 year sabbatical approved. I now have booked 25Oct through 30Nov for my sabbatical. I am trying to work out plans for this time. A New Orleans short trip is in the works.

As I said above, I slipped out at about 10ish to return some equipment to stop the monthly maintenance charges. The trip should have been simple and quick. Instead, the Max cross signals were stuck. The overly polite Oregonians just sat there waiting for it to fix itself by magic. And then, like magic, a Max car with flashing lights came and lighted a torch and waved the cars through the other side. I turned around and started everyone to leave. I took another road that goes under the Max.

But wait, there is more. A telephone pole, yes, another telephone pole, was being replaced on a major street. Air Volvo was driving next to a pole connected to a crane with only one connection. Like an insane seesaw. No guiding ropes. I thought that I was about to experience an Allstate or Farmer’s Insurance commercial. “I am a telephone pole in Oregon without any guidelines…Wind hits…Wow…crash…Mayhem like me,” yes, I was saying the potential commercial out loud as I passed the pole with some speed.

I managed to get there and back without more adventures. I did drive back over Max tracks. The crossing signal was broken again, and there were four cars on the other side waiting for the crossing guards to rise. Again, waiting for a miracle. I used my eyes, looked both ways, and got home safe.

Work went on for a while, but I then had a two-hour break while I watched Comcast fix my now cheaper but better connections. I managed a few more meetings and then took a break. I had one more meeting.

Once I was done, I took Susie to dinner at the local Mexican place. They are happy to see us. We are all so hopeful for the unlocking.

I have started to pick up the mess that is the house. We have a lot of stuff everywhere. I am starting to try to get things back to a familiar state of disorganization. I am doing a little each day.

636 people died today in the USA from Covid-19.

Today is Lord I am Coming in Welsh.

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