Year 1 Day 68: Thursday with KFC–Gravy could be better

Tonight we had one of my fav dinners, Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC. Oddly, KFC is important to Japan as it is a holiday meal there.

I am always disappointed by the gravy. I remember from my childhood that the gravy was better. I understand the recipe was changed, but there is still one place left that makes the original, Claudia Sanders Dinning House. Someday I will make the pilgrimage.

I slept in a bit today; Susie had some issues late last night and did some caregiving until 12:30AM. I made my first meeting at 8:30 and started then into 90 minutes of Zooming for Nike IT. I also had a few crises of the moment that kept going non-stop to about 10.

I made breakfast while listening to Zoom meetings.

I stopped at 10ish to pick up the house. I have exchanged my walk in the pollen-filled air for a chance to clean up and straighten the house. I try to spend 30 minutes at that every morning now. I was also more crisis of the moment again, and I had to keep checking email and my Slack texts.

I slipped out about 10:45ish and drove to Jan’s Paperbacks and traded in a pile of books I put aside last year for donating. I would not risk Covid-19 to clear out some old books, but now I figure I need to start returning to my pre-Lockdown habits. Jan’s Paperbacks took the SciFi. I put the rest in the garage as I have not found a home for them. Goodwill is likely the next choice.

I made a sandwich, ham, and cheese, for lunch with Reese’s potato salad.

Susie got going about the same time, and I got her some breakfast.

I continued on with more ad hoc meetings and crises of the moment. These crazy unplanned events consumed the whole working week for me. It does mean that the project is finally switching into high gear.

Next Friday, not tomorrow, starts the summer hours at Nike, with work stopping about noon at Nike, even with remote working. I will be returning to a movie-watching afternoon on Fridays and driving to Portland to play board games.

I finished the Duel in the Dark, and it was too predictable for me, and I thought the novel too military-styled for me. The characters were also too much like archtypes for me. I like space opera a bit more political and with love stories and spiced with treason. This was the story of military people in a life-and-death struggle in space. I was surprised by the “This is the way” theme that I first saw in the Disney hit show The Mandalorian. I checked this book predates the TV show. If you like military-like stories, this series would be great.

The best space opera has been The Interdependency series by John Scalzi. This has the right mix of things I like. It has that slight hint of Douglas Adams in it. The Vatta’s War series by Elizabeth Moon is also a winner for me, but more on the military side, and maybe a hint of C.S. Forester.

I plan to reread some 1930s themed murder stories with ghosts set in Naples, Italy: I Will Have Revenge. I am also considering teaching online Sunday School. More on that later if I decide to return to teaching the Bible again.

Another 659 people in the USA lost their battle with Covid-19 today.

I went with the 1935 version of Do Lord Remember Me.

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