Year 1 Day 69: Friday No Games

I have no games booked this weekend or Friday night. So I am doing those projects I have stacked up, literally, to get them done and get some space back.

So this evening, once work stopped about 4ish, I started to build a barn. A 28-23mm scale model made from laser-cut fiberboard. It also has an interior built out. The roof can be removed.

I then moved on to some models for a Salem witchcraft roleplaying game. These are amazingly well laser-cut models that even have window panes. The interior is only partially built out, but it is still impressive with a roof that pops off too.

I ordered dinner from PizzaHut, delivered. This is our first PizzaHut delivery ever at this address. We had two pan pizzas, pasta, and breadsticks, all in a family box. The food was good.

Work started at 7ish with me rolling over when it was 6ish. The meetings went on, and I had some crises discovering the obvious and then having to pay the cost of that discovery. I had to write some very basic text and emails today.

The teams had hours of review meetings too. We are starting to wrap up the project to take it to live use in October. The panic and late discoveries are beginning. The trade-off discussions are beginning. It is always a bit stressful.

I stepped out to get Susie and my lunch from Aloha Teriyaki. A bento box for me and a chicken bowl for Susie. I also took a photo of the Cardinal Richelieu rose. This is an old rose and blooms only once. It is not a good cut flower as it loses its pedals too fast. I still love to see it flower every year.

If you want this rose, you will have to get a clipping from mine and grow it. It is tough to find this rose. I checked, and I can find none for sale on the Internet. I might have to do some cutting myself and give them as gifts.

Covid-19 claimed another 657 lives today in the USA.

I went with this version of A Mighty Fortress is My God.

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