Year 1 Day 70: Saturday with Figures

When working on models, figures, and any precise work that is a hobby (not real paid work), it is easy to be distracted or rushed. It is also tough to know if you are in the wrong state of mind doing extremely detailed work. My rule is that two mistakes made close together is a sign that is good to stop. I had just stopped painting figures for my gaming friend Richard when I made multiple mistakes. I will complete the green faction in the morning and do the first protective clear coat and the black-colored scary-looking faction. I will not do anything more tonight.

I have out the next faction and washed them in soap and water. I will let them dry overnight before I prime them.

Working backward, Susie is listening to the Moody Blues and reading. I made corn muffins and chili from a can, Stagg’s. We have the TV recording the big game for Portland, the playoffs. Evan will be spending the night and wanted to watch it. He has to be in Salem early for a Pickle Ball game, so I thought it better to stay here.

I was painting for a while. Before that, a headache threatened to be a migraine, so I rested. Pollen and detail work seems to be at odds with me today.

I took Susie to McDonald’s, and then she ate her lunch, a Happy Meal with apples, while we sat in the car and watch people walk in the park. We saw masked and unmasked folks. Nobody minded the masking and everyone kept social distancing.

Nobody was up got lunch at lunchtime, so I met Mariah at Buffalo Wild Wings. The nice deal they had all pandemic is over. The bartender said, and my final bill agreed, that the price is now double. I had a beer-like product, Coors Light. I went for my fav of Asian Zing. I had coffee instead of more beer or beer-like products.

I painted figures all morning after I did the dishes. I was going about 8ish this morning.

Sorry, not a very exciting day. I have more dishes and laundry to do.

468 more people are reported to have died from Covid-19 in the USA today.

Morning Has Broken, and this kid’s version looked like a good fit.


2 thoughts on “Year 1 Day 70: Saturday with Figures”

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs, Mike. I was worried when I didn’t see them stead on Facebook since Thursday. I hope all is well with you and your family.


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