Year 1 Day 71: Sunday Painting

I started the morning at 9ish as I tried to sleep in as I knew sleep is hard to get during the weekdays. I stayed up a bit late to finish one more The Witcher series on NetFlix. I am surprised a few times by the plot, and I am unsure what the complex characters will do. I like it, but I am not excited enough to spend more than an hour every couple of days on it.

I dreamed last night of being on an elevator at Nike that went to the 99th floor and that the retired leadership was now running things. My arms were full of laptops and rolled-up paper plans. I could never find my floor to get back to work. The elevator just kept going to various floors I did not need. The retired director kept telling me my floor would be soon. Not sure what the dream meant. I finally woke up and found myself on the correct floor–home!

The pollen is nasty, and I cannot stop coughing.

I am putting the final coat of protection on Richard’s next set of figures for the board game Anachrony. I have never played the game. There was a huge Kickstarter for this version that included 36 huge figures. I have started on the last 12. They are three times larger than a 28mm figure, a Dungeons & Dragon standard figure, Which requires 8 times more paint and time than a regular figure. I use larger brushes and some techniques for larger figures that reduce the time from 8x to about 4x. They are impressive when finished.


The whole morning and part of the afternoon have been invested in completing the middle 12 figures. I have just started on the last 12. The next set includes a sea creature that needs a decal. I have created the decals from the source material for the game.

The decals will fail if not coated with a protective spray. The printer ink just washes away. The decals also will not tolerate much handling, so I will have to be careful. Plus, I have to use some special decal dissolving product to get the decal to not curl off when I spray the last protective coat on the figure. But it is a powerful image, so I think it is worth the investment.

Lunch, nobody was up, was a Popeye Spicy Chicken Sandwich that put me down for part of the afternoon. Not sure what it was, but I am not interested in another sandwich any time soon!

I did read a lot of I Will Have Vengeance while trying to not review the sandwich for a second time. I forgot how much I loved these books. I would strongly recommend 1931 Naples for a crime novel. I did recover without re-experiencing the sandwich.

I recovered and started the finish of the figures (the pictures above are of the finished figures set in their colored bases) and looked towards dinner. Nobody wanted to go, so I did pick-up and got to take Air Volvo for a spin on a typical May afternoon. Gray, sprinkles, sun breaks, wind, sideways rain, and repeat–often in 15-minute cycles. I parked my car at Olive Garden, and soon they put the dinner in my backseat. No contact. Excellent.

I served up dinner. I had the salad and Chicken Marsala (not very good). Susie had Chicken Alfredo. Corwin was not hungry, so he settled for a breadstick and a mint.

Laundry is started. Dishes next.

The reports show 288 people died of Covid-19 in the USA today.

I picked a non-religious (well, sort of) Beatle song as I liked the new video for it. It is a very positive note for today: Here Comes the Sun.

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