Year 1 Day 75: Working Thursday

I managed to get going at 7AM this morning. I did sleep in about an hour. The morning started with me seeing that all of my items had not moved forward and read my email and text Slack messages. I then sent out requests for updates for status on the items I had requested and got ready for the day.

I was ready for the first Zoom meeting and was surprised that I had actual items to cover and status to give. I was reading the new items, emails were sent of these mysterious tasks appearing assigned to me when my name was called at the stand-up meeting. I stumbled through it. I updated the status verbally and learned I have deliverables that are being tracked by the project. Have to pay more attention now!

After doing some more work and emails, I headed out for lunch at the Reedville Cafe. I had a table for one and ate a normal lunch, trying to pretend that the pandemic is ending. To find normal again, I believe you have to go search for it. Instead of staying at the house and making lunch or ordering GrubHub, I went out and did my usual lunch break. I had my mask and all safety steps were in place at Reedville Cafe. I felt safe, ate my tuna fish melt, used my Apple to read emails and some online articles. What I would do in my pre-Covid-19 life.

Returning to working from home, I managed to get some attention from folks working for the shoe company, and we fixed one of the outstanding issues. I officially unblocked my task (that I only learned about today). Blocked tasks are escalated to various meetings, and thus the problem was resolved today (TCI OSS note application is not without challenges, for those who speak SAP). My other issue cleared today.

I also wrote just a few code lines and created a PowerPoint for a meeting with SAP customers about data conversions. PowerPoints always take longer than you expect, and this one took the afternoon.

I rallied Susie to head t.o BJ. Brewhouse to meet with Rev.Dr. Wayne and Rev. Anne Weldmartin for dinner. We had a nice dinner together. Susie got a dessert to go. We will see them on Monday at 5PM for pizza, beer, and some games for Memorial Day.

Sorry, it is a short story as it was as normal a day as I could make today. I am reaching out for normal or at least try to lose some of the fear and stress. Let it go! song for those who want to sing along–just dumping the fear, not the safety, and finding the future.

630 people in the USA passed away from Covid-19 today.

This is My Father’s World seemed to fit today. I found this virtual chorus version arranged by one of the members.


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