Year 1 Day 76: Summer Hours Friday

For the summer, I work until noon on Fridays. This is a Nike WHQ thing. Today was the first time. Usually, I work until noon at the Evergreen Buildings, my home building which is not on the WHQ campus, and then head to the amazing cafe, The Paint, and have lunch until 1ish. This allows me to support the cafe, get lunch, and give anyone an extra hour to find me.

Working from home means just stopping. I stopped at noonish. I then drove to Old Chicago Pizza for lunch. I used to eat there a lot 14 months ago. Usually, once a week getting a Stromboli with a salad and iced tea. Today I return, again trying to lose my fear, for lunch. I had my usual, and I felt safe.

I returned home and went back to painting this afternoon, hoping to finish more of Richard’s miniatures for Anachrony this holiday. I am painting the blue faction that looks like a cross of a giant squid and a mole crab. I am painting it mostly shades of blue and metal with a gray base shade. I tried to put a decal on the figure, but the surfaces are too curved to do this easily.

I hope to finish these in the morning on Saturday. Just one more, the purple faction to go.

Mariah came over and did laundry, and then we got some paperwork done for her traveling on Sunday. Corwin, Mariah, and I had dinner at Matzatlon Mexican Food nearby. We brought back Susie’s dinner.

Back to painting!

I should finish this story. I fixed the other fob for Air Volvo today. If you remember, the car stopped starting, as you must have the fob near the car to start it. If the fob’s battery is dead, the fob does not work. I replaced the battery, and one fob still did not work! Also, both fobs were dead at the same time.

This has happened to me before. I remember a batch of desktop computers in the 1980s all failing in the same week when the battery backing up the CMOS definition in the old IBM PCs died. The computers were all purchased together, and they all failed within a week. The life expectancy of the batteries was very predictable!

I ordered new coin cell batteries, 2032, a fav of hardware hackers like me. I replaced the battery, again, in the unworking fob and popped out the new battery that failed. I noticed that it had a sticker you need to remove that was still on it. I may have then made comments that are best not repeated here. There was a safety label with a baby image saying not to give this battery to young children that I overlooked. I removed it and reassembled the fob. It works now.

The china made 2032s I just got are very cheap in 50 battery purchases, do not have safety labels. Only USA-bought ones have these stickers.

627 people died today from Covid-19 in the USA.

Lift Every Voice and Sing was on my mind as we try to lose the fear of these last two years.

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