Year 1 Day 77: Memorial Weekend Saturday 2021

I stayed up late painting Richard’s figures. I had to paint window frames on the figures, and that requires quiet and pure concentration. I can get that about midnight or so. So I made coffee last night and stayed up to about 1:30 painting.

I was back at it this morning and was finishing up the next set of figures until about noon. I then took a shower and started my chores.

My red tea roses, with lots of aphids, are almost ready to bloom.

I picked up prescriptions, put gas in the car, got the car run thru the car wash, and bought groceries. I also picked up Susie, her fav, a Happy Meal with apples, and burger king for me. There is likely a crime to eat a Whopper while in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Back home, I put away the groceries and got Susie her Happy Meal. I started on the next and last Anachrony mech figures for Richard. I also watched a video on how to play the game. I figure I should know more about this game after spending so much time painting the miniatures.

I learned from watching a video that Anachrony is a typical SciFi worker placement and resource management board game. The first one I have seen with a time travel feature that lets you borrow resources now that you will produce in the future. If you fail to do that, you will have to pay a paradox cost. It is an older game, and so some of the features I am familiar with were new when this game was created. We plan to play the game in a few weekends with all the painted mech figures.

I did some laundry, and Corwin agreed to warm up the ribs I bought for dinner for Susie and him. I headed to Portland.

I reached Richard’s house to play games at 6PM. Just Richard and I.

We gave A War of Whispers a try. I have the collector’s edition from a Kickstarter and wanted to see what Richard thought. I lost by 2 points, and I think he liked it. This is an unusual board game where the players are advisors to kings in a world that looks like Game of Thrones. The players are secretly randomly aligned to some kingdoms, some kingdoms the players are uninterested in, and one is an enemy. The players then compete to have control of the kingdoms and then run the kingdoms. Yes, even the ones that are your secret enemy! This means you are often crashing armies into meaningless and wasteful battles to support your goals. This while trying to guess what are the goals of the other players and hamper their plans–unless their plans seem to align with your goals, hmmm. There are action cards that suddenly let you have more armies or move armies. Or a plague hits. Then an invasion from nowhere! To get these cards, you have to be given them by a kingdom, and for that to happen, you have to have that advising position that gets cards. It is a war of whispers and suspicion. It is crazy and fun. I am still learning how to play.

Richard managed to take the one city I needed to hold to win as the last battle in the game. Next time!

We then tried the 7 Wonders Duel two-person game. In the game, you build a city that produces good and abilities that lets you build four of the 7 Wonders of the World. You do this by buying cards that become part of your city. This will increase your resources and abilities. Also, some buildings are free if you have the right symbol. For example, I built the theater and could then build a theater building for free. Plus, you can also buy into a technology that will give you some power advantages. I invested in War and was trying to put Richard’s city to the touch and win. He built up his military and stopped me.

As I said, you have four of the 7 Wonders to build. I managed to have enough resources to build three. These give you more interesting abilities.

It was a fast and easy-to-understand game once you get it. I did not understand the resourcing and soon was behind and stayed that way. I would recommend it as a fast two-person game. It has multiple ways to victory and focus. For a simple and not a very expensive game, it covers a lot of gaming territory.

I had a crash on WordPress so I will stop here.


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