Year 1 Day 78: Sunday Memorial Weekend 2021

Today started at 4AM! I had to pick up Mariah and take her to Portland International Airport, PDX; we call the airport by the airport’s call letters, not by another person’s name–just PDX. I was there on time, and we had no events other than an on-time arrival at the gate.

I stopped by PDX after dropping off Mariah. I parked the car on the 7th floor of the car park. It was just minutes after sunrise, and Mount Hood was clearly visible.

I was sad when I saw that everything is still locked down. No breakfast there. I know that Powell’s PDX is gone for good, but it still hurt a bit to see that loss of the little PDX mall. Someday, maybe, we will see it again. PDX was voted the best Airport in the USA for the years before Covid-19. I want it back!

One of the reasons for the positive outlook towards PDX is the view.

I returned the way I came, remembering to drive slow as it is Memorial Weekend, and the police are giving out reminders to go slower. A costly reminder.

I had breakfast at Tom’s Pancake House. I had the Eggs Benedict, and hashbrowns. It is wonderful. Not many people are there before 7 on a Sunday. I felt safe the whole time, and everyone was kind. The staff was masked, and folks put on masks when they left their tables.

I made it home and then painted a bit of the next faction for Richard’s Anachrony game. The last one. I have a basic coloring done on one figure. I will then repeated the colors on the remaining five.

I was tired and took a couple of naps. Evan came over at about 10:45. We had coffee and then a beer at Wildwood Taphouse; Insomnia Coffee is next door. There Brook, the bartender, greeted us and gave us permission to play a board game. It being a taphouse where you bring your own food, even coffee and muffins are welcome on a Sunday morning, they were happy to accommodate us.

Evan was proud to beat me in a very short game of Vindication. The end-of-game triggers hit on early. They are randomly assigned, and we had barely started before the game ended. We had some chips with salsa and talked for a bit after the game.

I got back about 2ish, and Evan headed to a movie. I got Susie water, coffee, and some breakfast. I then enjoyed another short nap.

The pollen is just killing me today. I cannot stop coughing.

We then packed up and headed over to Cory’s house to play a board game, Wingspan. We have not been back inside there, Cory and Jennifer’s place, since Covid-19. We are all vaccinated. We had brats, hot dogs, chips, fruit salad, drinks, and I taught the game.

Everyone loved the game. I had the high score for the Wingspan, but I know how to play. The game plays well once the players learned the mechanics. Wingspan has some unique processes that take a bit to understand; the game becomes a quest to make the best board (bird sanctuary) once the basics are working for you. Laying eggs, there are tiny eggs that come with the game, and the cards’ artwork and information on the birds represented in the game, are high quality.

After more than a year, it was so nice to be back at Cory’s and Jeniffer’s place and play a few games and have some food together. Susie used Cory’s lifts to get to the second floor. So we got to use the dinner table and be near the kitchen. It felt like a party!

Deaths fell to only 124 today in the USA for Covid-19. It may be a reporting issue from the holiday.

I picked The Old Rugged Cross for this Memorial Day Weekend.



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