Daily Blog May 31, 2021 (Year 1 Day 79): Memorial Day 2021

Today is the end of my Covid-19 blog.

I will blog daily for a while as we wrap up the pandemic, but I plan to switch to a weekly blog in the future. Today is the 444th-day blog (of 443 blogs–missing one when Susie had a stroke). It is a good number to stop counting.

Thus this is now my daily blog. This first trying-to-live-without-fear day of my blog started with me waking a few times and refusing to start my day early. I finally got started on 9:30ish and microwaving last night’s coffee. I then read emails and news articles. Next, I did the dishes and made scones and fresh coffee.

I had not made scones in months. I decided that today, the first new day of my wrap for the pandemic life, should start with making King Arthur Almond Cherry scones. I cut in the cold butter with a pastry knife. It was obvious I had not this for a while as it was hard work. I added the milk and egg, got the mix well mixed, and made little lumps on a baking sheet on parchment. I buy parchment paper that fits my baking sheet also from King Arthur.

They are good.

My suggestion: Give up the fear, be careful and wear your mask when you should and when you need to to feel comfortable, and bake something!

I then went on a trip to practice giving up my fear; I drove Air Volvo for lunch. On the way, I stopped by Rainy Day Games to get a bottle of paint; I am nearly out of gunmetal paint for miniatures. It is a fav of mine as I like the dark shine. Silver is just too bright for weapons and armors and machines.

Lunch: I then went to Pastini for Italian. I wanted a glass of wine and some food without much hassle. The manager sat me at a table for one, and Michael, my waiter, and I found a nice wine, and I had the carbonara pasta with caesar salad. I finished with some ice cream and got a to-go tiramisu for Susie.

While Pastini is a chain, this one at Cedar Mills always seems one step above, and I like their food. They have some extra zing that makes things better. Or it is just the wine.

I was reading the Jupiter Disco drink book while waiting. They are closed for the pandemic and also far away in NYC. I saw they were trying to raise money to keep going on Kickstarter at the start of the pandemic and made a pledge. I got a cool t-shirt, took them a year, and an edgy book that is mostly about bar life and drink recipes. Susie will be confused someday when I say, let’s go to an NYC disco, “I have a t-shirt and drinks I want to try out.”

Returning to lunch, my food and service were good. I saw folks without masks at their tables and folks like me who only remove the mask when drinks or food show. I put it back on when I am done. I felt safe, and the fear is receding.

I returned home, a hero, with tiramisu for Sue (it should be a song lyric).

I ordered pizzas a few hours later, taking wine and a food-induced nap, to have dinner with Dr.Rev. Wayne Weldmartin and his wife, Rev. Anne Weldmwartin. We had the New York pizza from Papa Murphy’s Take-and-Bake pizza. Susie’s fav with pepperoni and sausage. This was with beer.

We had a nice dinner and chatted. We finished dinner with watermelon.

I then taught and played a two-person board game of Wingspan. Susie and I one team and the Weldmartins on the other. The bird cards and the resources were enjoyed. Anne likes birdwatching. I had not managed to teach the mechanics, but that is the hard part of this game. It is a worthy game to learn, but it takes more than one game to get all the working parts. We will play again; Anne seemed to like it.

I am home now writing.

Today’s music is A Folk Song.

2 thoughts on “Daily Blog May 31, 2021 (Year 1 Day 79): Memorial Day 2021”

  1. Hello Michael,
    thanks for around 440 days of this very interesting and always entertaining Blog! I still remember the early days of your blog where the focus was very much on missing toilet papers and about some “days” to work from home (I think everyone expected at the beginning that after a couple of weeks everything would be over). Even though the reason for stopping the “Corona-Blog” is a good sign for the pandemic situation, I will miss the morning reads very much!
    Thanks again for the daily updates!


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