Daily Blog June 1, 2021: Tuesday with Monday Included

This the new blog of my daily thoughts and events. I am trying to keep this interesting. I suspect that the simple details have comforted people through the pandemic, so I will not completely dispense with them.

To that end…

The morning started with pollen. That is, my head is stuffed, and my eyes are red. The coughing is the dry-unproductive-hollow-empty type that seems such a waste. This means asthma is uncontrolled, and the pollen is just a trigger for all the normal asthma stuff. My lungs are locked down by asthma.

I suspect the real problem was lack of sleep. Susie has not slept through a night all weekend and the holiday. I started at 6ish.

Work was the normal compressed day after a holiday. Monday and Tuesday are now running over the top of each other. Monday is usually status, and Tuesday is usual progress. Many of the discussions were that issues had to be fixed as an emergency as there is not enough time this week to run the normal process. Many voices, while not raised, had that direct edge, and a lot of directors were given marching orders.

I spent the morning listening to the status-progress meetings while working out issues in an SAP system upgrade I am doing now. The system I am upgrading is a copy of a development system and has broken development in it. I had to spend the morning and afternoon fixing those items.

I had reheated pizza; it was already 90F outside, and I kept the house cool by not opening any doors.

I took a break, the coughing was just non-stop, and I fell completely asleep.

I was awoken by Susie’s return. She had a delayed Spa day with Zerida today. Her driver picked her up at 11ish. Susie had trouble starting this morning. I was running around doing caregiving while also on Zoom status calls and progress calls. It was a bit chaotic this mid-morning.

I helped Susie get settled and then returned to email and status and progress. Nothing was happening, so I went to read again.

I am now on the third book of a series I partially read years ago. I recommend all the books. I am on Everyone in Their Place: The Summer of Commissario Ricciardi (The Commissario Ricciardi Mysteries Book 3). Set in 1931 Naples, Italy, and about the Commissario solving murders. The detective is cursed to see the last moment of the dead making it a ghost story too. These are large 1-inch thick meaty translations from the original Italian with only a few typos that fit the translation better. 

Susie needed a nap too. So we both nodded off. It was 6ish when I awoke! The coughing is mostly gone. Lack of sleep was the real cause for asthma, as I suspected, and caused the overreaction to pollen (my eyes are still a bit sticky, so I know the pollen is still there). I also turned up the AC when I went to lie down, and the good filter would have grabbed any of the pollen in the air, so that too helped. In American AC, the cold air return recycles the same air.

I thought about ordering out, it is too hot to cook, but I found some frozen (!?) Schwann’s mashed potatoes and brats ready to eat in the frig. Bangers and Mash! We have Mexican beer! Thus a truly international and easy to make dinner! It also is just a stovetop, so no oven.

I slipped out in the early evening, now in the 80s, to get a few pics of the roses.

The tea rose bloomed!

Here are some of the other bushes in the backyard.

287 people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I picked Psalm 50 for today’s music to remember who we have lost.


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