Daily Blog June 2, 2021: Wednesday Hot

I made dinner tonight again on the stovetop. I defrosted some Schwann’s bone-in pork chops and then dusted them with flour, dipped them in egg, and then dipped them in panko breadcrumbs and fried them in 1/4 inch of oil. I made mac and cheese to go with it. Not too hot as I needed to cook the chops all the way thru. I had some nice artisan bread from the Safeway bakery to go with that. Beer as the drink. Susie loved it.

I discovered as I was contemplating making dinner that we were on our last roll of toilet paper. Totally shocking that I am no longer hoarding the paper product. So I popped off-line and went grocery shopping. Picked up a moderate supply of paper products and some other basics, including the really nice bread for dinner.

I resisted again going out much; it is hot out there. It is another crazy sunny day in June. Oregon usually has the wettest and unpleasant Junes I have ever lived through. Not true for the last few years.

The fires are not here yet. We usually get the smoke and fires in July and August. We are not looking forward to that. I have some N95 masks ready for that.

We are living by AC today. We have no fans, and if you don’t stand in the kitchen (where the frig resides pumping out heat as it cools inside), it is delightful. My decision to put in AC in 2018 looks now like a very perceptive move. The AC cleared the house of smoke back in 2020.

Work started at 7ish after I rolled back over. I was tired again. I managed to stay awake today. The status meetings and process meetings continued for hours.

I slipped out at 11:20ish and drove Air Volvo to Subway and there ordered a tuna fish sub. Susie is allergic to fish, and tuna fish is a no-no in the house. The gentleman who made me the sub was curious about my transportation. He has the older, larger XC90 model. We talked about how the new version of the XC90 seating is terrible (I had one as a loaner when Air Volvo had maintenance at the mothership). He is thinking of switching to the smaller XC60, which I drive. I told him about how the car turns off instead of idling and that the steering will correct when you are not in the lane. Yes, it steers you back to the lane. Also, the low-speed collision prevention system means that you really cannot rear-end anyone at low speeds. The car will brake for you. I think my sandwich maker will be looking for a used newish XC60–he loved all the extras.

The sandwich I ate in the car listening to our local PBS radio was wonderful. The sandwich has so many veggies that make it like a salad and a sandwich.

I brought Susie back a McDonald’s happy meal with apples. I also got her an apple pie. I might have had one too. Susie was sleeping again when I left and got back.

Susie, this morning had a problem. She felt terrible and said she was turned inside-out. That she was all covered in water. Susie was visibly upset. There was nothing wrong that I could detect. I told her to get up, and she did. I got her a scone, coffee, had her drink water, and to take her meds.

Susie seemed to snap out of the confusion with the food, two scones, and moving around. I have been watchful and only was out when Corwin was up. I made dinner of comfort foods. It seemed to work.

To less serious things…When irony goes too far, China announced a new policy of more friendly communication. China officials are ordering their people to be more humble and less confrontational. The BBC news show on PBS spent ten minutes (yes, that long) on some of the best (worst) moments for China and the new “be nice policy.”

Apparently, the “Wolf Warrior” propaganda film is the name given for the previous policy by the west: Wolf Warrior. An anti-west aggressive announcer was called a Wolf Warrior by the western diplomats and press. Corwin and I now have to find this movie. Popcorn! Beer! China super soldiers saving China by blowing up evil westerners. Excellent!

And Iran lost its largest naval vessel today to a fire, and it sank. A supply ship. We are sorry about the fire and pray for the sailors. But the USA sends multiple aircraft carriers and all their support ships to protect the gulf. Iran has a cargo ship. The irony is out of control today–yes, I know that Iran has some dangerous ships, but it was still their largest ship was a supply ship!

I thought it best to end before any more irony surfaces. Too late. A majority of the Knesset in Isreal came to a historical agreement today; anything is better than Netanyahu. Yes, the impossible has happened. Arab, conservative, and moderates politicians all agreed on one thing, Netanyahu has to go. They have done the impossible and joined forces to form a government of people who before would not likely even talk to each other are now in the same government. Irony should just stop.

But the Mad Magazine moments keep coming. President Biden gave a speech today in which free beer will be given out for taking the vaccine. The Anheuser-Busch company is buying a round of beer for the country for July 4th.

512 people in the USA lost their lives to the pandemic today.

I picked How Great is Our God for Israel and for those we have lost to the pandemic.

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