Daily Blog June 3, 2021: Thursday Freeze

I grew up in the midwest, and I love a cold morning. I got up at 6ish, an all-employee meeting this morning for two hours @ 7AM, and put on my robe. It was winter-like cold. Corwin had made a mistake on the AC when he could not sleep and changed it. It was set to 60F, and it is likely that the bathroom, the tiles freezing, may have reached that setting. I turned the AC off at 64F! It felt like I was back in the midwest with the dry cold air!

Later, I had to open the front door after sitting through almost five hours of Zoom meetings freezing, to get some warm air in the house. I had shoes on, and still, I had to open the doors to get some heat!

I walked out and drank coffee in the hot sun a few times this morning.

I took a pic of my roses while getting warm.

Corwin apologized for freezing us.

The meetings are best not described here. The status meetings and alignment meetings went on for a long time. I was dual-tasking while the meetings seemed to go on and on via Zoom.

I went out for hot chili for lunch from Wendy’s. I decided again to try to give up some of the fear and actually had a sit-down lunch at Wendy’s. I had a taco salad and a diet coke and read news and interesting articles on the Internet via my Apple. I got Susie a small chili and frosty and brought them to her.

The afternoon was still full of more alignment meetings, and I tried to do some multi-tasking. I could not make much progress today.

Once I was done with work (working from home), I decided to take Susie to dinner at Reedville Cafe. Susie has been there twice this year. She had a chicken caesar salad, and we split German Black Forest Cake (with ice cream) for dessert. I had beef stroganoff that tasted unfinished to me. The tomato paste was missing, and the mushrooms were not cooked down at all—one of the first misses I have had there.

We finished dinner, and we then went for a drive and looked at the new houses going up just a mile away. All the farm fields are now becoming new streets and homes. It is the way of things.

It was strangely freeing, even with the masks and all the care, to have dinner out!

Another 572 people died today in the USA from Covid-19.

Wayfaring Stranger seemed a lovely song to select today.



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