Daily Blog June 4, 2021: Movie!

Tonight I made breakfast for dinner. I had some maple walnut pancake mix from The Vermont County Store catalog that I was thinking about using for a while. We had some frozen uncooked bacon. I ran that under running water until it was usable.

I cooked the bacon and made the pancakes. The first two were not good. I got my juju for making pancakes back on the rest. I also found the good whisk, and that helped as I got the lumps out of the mix. Fresh coffee finished the meal. Susie and Corwin thought it good.

I also painted some more of Richard’s figures for Anachrony. I am about 1/3 through the basic painting now. I will likely get further tonight and start the finishing work on Saturday.

Before this, I took Susie to the movies. The movie theaters are running again. The rules are complex, and a mask is required. Also, only one seat in the handicap row will work. They gave me a different seat, and I just sat next to Susie. It was their suggestion.

The folks at the Regal’s Theater were friendly and even opened a door for me when I pushed Susie into the theater sitting on her walker. Everyone was safe and happy to have us back. It felt very safe to me. But, I am not sure if I was not fully vaccinated how safe I would feel.

We enjoyed popcorn and a diet soda, shared, and a private screening. Nobody else came for the 1:05 show of Cruella. This is a Disney movie and a telling of the origins of Cruella DeVille. Emma Stone makes it fun, and her Cruella is “born crazy and slightly mad” but a sympathetic character. The start and middle of the movie are the best. The ending is too predictable and a bit happy for me, but Disney only makes a kid-friendly movie. Susie loved all the old rock music in the background and the 60s imagery. For example, Ziggie Stardust is recreated as a dressmaker and 2nd hand clothing store owner. I was laughing through the jokes and the over-the-top antics. I would recommend Cruella and will likely see it again.

We stopped by taco bell and had some plain tacos as we rushed to the movies. I had some last-minute items at Nike at noon, making us late. We ate the tacos in the car with some small diet drinks. The drinks were nearly more expensive than the tacos!

Nike has summer hours and closes at noon on Fridays now. Today I started at 7ish as I slept in a bit. The day had just a few meetings. I spent much of the morning trying to fix the outstanding issues for a practice upgrade.

In a Zoom meeting, we did go over the schedule coming up, and besides the upgrade practice, we have three weeks of 7-24 coverage (with weekends) starting on two Mondays from now as part of our project at the shoe company. There is a break for the Juneteenth holiday, but July 4 weekend, as usual for me at Nike, will likely be a working weekend. Oddly, I often work this holiday as it is mid-summer and only an American holiday. I am trying to put a brave face on the endless hours coming up.

520 people are reported dead from the virus today in the USA.

I found one I do not think I have done before, Breathe on Me, Breath of God.

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