Weekend Blog June 5, 2021: Simple Saturday

This morning the Alexa lost its mind and played weird static and rock at 5AM. I stopped it and then slept into 9ish.

I went slow as I had nothing on today. I got back to painting and almost finishing the last of Richard’s Anachrony (just the final protective coat is remaining for Sunday). Thirty-six figures all three-four inches mechs. I am thrilled to finish and also to have this off-my-plate.

Before all of this, I had my hair cut. As I was headed out, I saw the old turtle was back and digging a nest in my lawn by the cement. We see locals out in the lawns digging and hiding nests. I left her to her work. She is, unfortunately, an invasive non-native species of turtle and likely came from a pet store years ago. But she is still welcome to my lawn.

The red stripe you can almost make out in the photo is the giveaway that she is not a native turtle.

I had some caregiving and surprise laundry this morning. It is all taken care of.

After my haircut, I returned, and the turtle was just finishing up. The hole all filled in. The girls across the street had never seen a turtle nesting. They escorted the turtle back to the waters nearby. I asked them to be careful and see that it did not get hit by a car.

I took Susie to BJs, where she had a 1/2 rack of ribs and me a noodle item.

I then took a food and beer-enabled nap.

As I said, I finished up Richard’s figures.

I missed the online concert for the Portland Youth concert. I spaced it. I bought tickets to support them. I just so busy painting I forgot the 7AM online stream. Next time!

I picked up Mariah at PDX. She is back from Hawaii. We stopped by The Rock Woodfire Pizza–she needed food.

That is about it. This is my first weekend blog post. I think I will stop here.

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